Watercolor peach pansies paint along demo and a tryout of a palette

Hello my friends, thank you and welcome to my channel. I really had fun with this painting. As you may know, i seldom go out to buy new supplies. Part of it is that I hate to spend a lot of money, part of it is try not to waste material hanging around with no use. However as in the video I talked about my old supplies together with a sketchbook was confiscated by BYU and throw out, finally I found the children books section. They moved it to the first floor dungeon, so I got a locker and now in need of new supplies. So we will have fun painting along with this MEi Liang paint palette. And it really looks to me that the color are crisp and not muddy. So I hope if you are thinking about getting something, and do not want to spend a lot of budget, then this maybe something to consider. But do bear in mind you have to glue every half pan onto the sleeve, or it would be a great annoyance overtime. But after I spent an evening do that, it was fine. And now that this video is done, I am going to take the palette down to BYU library and have a lot of fun. This kind of palette last a long time in the library for me. I am so excited to spend time in the library. I am very much an art geek, I just love looking around and practicing drawing, painting. And then go walk around the area and look for beauty around me. I am quite content. But in fact I am very busy. I am making coloring pages to go along with childrens’ sunday school lessons. So that keep me a little bit busier but I have so much fun. Since they just use crayon I don’t have to worry about water color. I can just print my drawing on paper. I am always so surprised how much the children loves to paint and draw. Last week I was with a class, and they were about 4 years old. After painting Jesus and the 10 lepers, I start drawing watermelon for one of the girls. Their crayon box was huge. And after that all the other girls said they wanted watermelon too. And then strawberries and blue berries. We had such a great time. Don’t suppress that need to draw and paint inside yourself. It must be something necessary for us to feel well, to express ourselves in drawing and painting. Just have fun, follow along, and take your time. Think about problems and how to solve them. Before you know it, you will be at a level where you can really have fun.

If these were professional watercolor, I will try to get the color on here for you. Megenta, cadm yellow light and medium, Quin violet, my green mix, alizarin crimson, maybe a little bit of cadm red medium just to intensify the magenta. Remember to let the color mix on the page, the yellow and megenta, so you can allow the color to mix into a pretty subtle peach.

You can try to do some reserach also and try to get a palette that other artist recommend, but I like this one, because it has 36 colors. And also you saw me telling you how I changed out some color to add in what I must have, like indigo, payen’s gray and sepia. That should be doable and easy. We have so many painting in the pipeline. I hope you stick with me here and we will have a fun summer fun time. my little violet is coming to visit me. And then another granddaughter Eleanor is coming. We will take them to Destin in florida for a few days of fun time. My husband and I also needs to go to Yellowstone national park and arches national park. I found those places very fun to me. It will be a very busy summer. I hope you guys have a great summer also , but don’t forget to make time for your art. Bring a sketchbook with you. I do that too, it’s very fun, don’t have to be annoyed with families waitng for them, just take a sketchbook and start drawing. I love all of you and grateful for your love and support for me. Until next time, keep that brush wet. love, Kathy


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