Watercolor hyacinths paint along tutorial demo fine lines and spontaneous

Hello my friends, thank you for coming to my blog. I already typed all my text and managed to lose all of it, oh well. It is not hard to type again. But I am getting a bit sleepy, I will tell you in the following my current challenge. But I love posting and making video so much I will do my best to do what is necessary. I hope you all are having a great time with spring, we are still under maybe nine inches of snow pack. When that melt, which could take another good few days of good weather, we can probably see the peonies shoots and the tulips that is under this deep snow. I have mentioned earlier video that my neighbors and friends made fun of me for going through a lot of effort to preserve my tulip, even in a few years ago, I only have on tulip. I know that is sad, but I also know that a few years of work I will have lots of tulips, now I have about 15. I love their big blooms and the color and life it brings to the garden when the bloom, the first sign of life. I don’t do crocus I guess maybe I should. My effort is great because through the summer time, the squirrels will come and eat the bulbs, I have a good neighbor her daughter brought her bulbs from holland and the squirrels ate them all. Exotic dinner over a period of a week for the squirrels. Funny is she didnt’ want to put a net on, too much work. It was very pretty lilac bulbs too. It’s also funny we worried about things like that, because now she is deep into the challenge of dementia, and I thought about our friendship through the years. And now the challenge is on her husband. Of course no more tulips, but she has plenty of flowers, I still see her working on her garden. Once a while she may remember my name and call me Kathy. And those rare moments I think of when we see each other again in heaven, friendship will resume and we are no more burden by this body and brain. Hopefully with a resurrected body that is not subject to the pain of this world. Hyacinths are also favorite of squirrels and mine. I now have six bulbs that I will nurture each year to use indoor blooming. I can still take them outdoor for photosynthesis and nurturing, just have to freeze them in winter, and force them in spring. They are actually blomonign now, threee of them anyway. I will try to insert into the reel on instagram. I don’t really know if anyone acutally read my entry here, but if you do, my instagram will show the real bloom in my home, it quite beautiful and the bloom’s smell is awesome. so my six bulbs are all purple, I will set out to collect colors. I seemed to really enjoy nurturing plants, my amaryllis is under the same care, but they are alot easier. I just take care of them and they grow all years, no need for freezing. However to time them for christmas is a challenge always. I now have two amaryllis going at the same time. I will also set out to get more to take care of . I have grow light alll over my house, I just like plant. But my poor bamboo is dying. I don’t really intend to leave my house for longer than a week, so it’s perfect for me.

My mother inlaw whom I called mom, has decided to leave the hospital and surgery to go home to begin her hospice journey. I am very proud of her faith and courage. She is looking forward to see her husband and her parents who had gone before her. What a sweet reunion that would be and she would be out of the bondage of this broken body, and wait for the resurrection because of the gift of the Savior. So we are going to go see her. But before then I will make another video , and I am still debating which one to do first, so yu will see it when you see it.

Color used, dioxizn purple, quin violet payne’s gray, green mix (indigo, prylene green, sap green and cadm yellow light) Sepia for the bulb.

Next year will explore painting mainly the bulb and a little green, it will be so fun. Thank you for your friendship and reaching out to me always. I have loved your friendship so much.


  • Janice

    Kathy, What a true blessing you are. I found you on YouTube and I’m going to try your Poppy first in honor of our youngest granddaughter, Poppy, who just turned 13 yesterday. When I came back on YT this evening the first video I saw was your owl and that will surely be a future painting. But what I am most excited about is I have found a sister in Christ Jesus. One thing in order is to get to know you through your blog. You are a bright spot in our rapidly deteriorating world and I’m confident I did not find you by accident.
    Blessings, Janice

    • kathy

      Hi Janice welcome to my channel! So glad you love the Savior too! Keep me update on progress and don’t get discouraged, just have fun practicing!

  • Lori Campbell

    This was challenging to draw but I’m glad I did it. It came out very nice. I had a couple blooms in the leaves. I guess I need to work on water.
    Thanks again for posting your videos.

  • Evelyn Laws

    Very beautiful! Love watching you work the water color. I am new to water color & wanting all the help I can get. Enjoying the process. Ev

    • kathy

      Thank you! I hope everything is helpful! The techniques and tips are all through all the videos! I hope you have fun too! I would like to hear your progress!

  • Sally Simpson

    I found this one challenging , but , very much enjoyed it, so pretty. I find I really am useless at the backgrounds, I keep getting these wrong, yours always look so wonderful. I will keep trying, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again. And I will. Thank you once again Kathy , you are no one. Sally

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