watercolor lady’s slipper orchid demo tutorial paint along Part 1 and 2

Thank you everyone for coming to check out this post. I had so much preparing designing and executing this painting. I have always loved lady’s slipper orchid. So delicate and yet so tough. I think they grow so well in the Asian weather. And as I was preparing and doing some research on them, I found out that they were native to Malaysia and Indonesia. It was too bad that the trip we took a few years back to Mulu national forest we didn’t see any. to be honest, it is very hard to see real flowers cause the bugs and insects will be eating them before they have a chance to grow up. But the roots and the leaves were definitely visible. The jungle was so loud with insect buzzing. But it was truly fun. I have yet to do a banana flower, I love that. We saw some of the bigger flowers, a big venus fly trap, and lot’s of rotting banana flowers. We also saw squash and all kind of fun things. Even though we were in a very primitive area, it was actually very fun to have that chance. We starved until we found local banana seller. We really didn’t think about safety of food, they yummy bananas looked safe. We were too cheap to buy crackers at the hotel for so much money. Oh as I paint and think, I really missed Singapore and Malaysia. It will be hard to plan a trip back. Need to go with my daughter since that is where she served her mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. And it was so easy to have her speak their language. But we will go back to Hong Kong for sure. But then Hong Kong have some jungles but not like Malaysia.

Ok let’s talk about colors used. My green mix for the leaves and background. Cadm yellow light, indigo, prylene green and sap green. Main color of the orchid are quin violet, dioxizane purple, payne’s gray. Sepia for the branch and payne’s gray for added value. Moss is my green mix with sepia.

And because of some of the concern from you guys wanting me to find some links in amazon. The concern is the 10 dollars shipping is hard on OAS. So I have the link in my product lists, and I also included them on the description area on youtube. In this painting I heavily used my happy dot brush and that was good. And I have ordered some fine line brush that i will try using before I recommend. I also try some bee paper and included the link in the description on youtube too. And I will have a demonstration next time the next bird or flower so you guys can see how it goes.

Thank you for coming to visit. Please say hi. As you know if I am occasionally visited by haters that’s just sad. But your nice comments do sustain me and help me to continue to go forward and I love you guys for it. Have a very good day. See you in the second part of this in a few days. love you tons.

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