watercolor yellow rufous hummingbird demo paint along tutorial

Thank you my friends for coming to this so much fun hummingbird demo. I hope you all are having a very good spring summer and are trying to go out if you can to admire flowers etc. The hummingbird feeders are out at my neighbor’s house. I went up to their deck to visit once or twice and they have a very nice set up. I have not seen any nest this year, I have to go take some time to look around. But in the front of the house underneath my filbert bush, there is currently a quail mom and dad nursing their eggs. It made me fee like painting quails, we should do it soon. They are so fun. I don’t remember which post I talked about the quail family when my children were in high school, they always hatch on the day of the Orem parade. So I will be looking out for that, unless I am at yellowstone again. The baby quails of course are the cutest, they are so trusting of their parents, and the mom and dad are so stressed out during this time of the year. I often wondered if their little heart could take any more stress. One thing I do for them is of course look out for snakes, oh I hate them coming over looking for nest. I don’t even know what they eat but it’s best not to feed them. But what I do is I will leave water dripping out of my outside faucet pretending to water my filbert and hope they somehow will get some water. Utah is dry, after the wet spring this year I have not seen any rain. I will look out for them and hope to take some pics. Isn’t memory a good thing, as I am telling you all the fond memories of my children in high school marching in the Orem parade kept flooding back. I think they have a good childhood. Best that I can do. The male rufous hummingbird is so brilliant in all the yellow and burnt yellow that it is very good to play with. BTW I hope all of you if you can try every painting out, it is meant for practice so don’t worry if it is not something you like, I promised if you try everyone you will expose yourself to all kind of situation and learning, and one day you will like everything you paint. That would be a very nice day that I am also looking forward to it, as I grow and learn with you here.

Ok lets go on to the color used. Quin Gold (wtch the video it will give you sub), quin burnt orange, burnt umber, sepia, payne’s gray and all the green mixes of mine,( indigo, prylene green cadm yellow light, sap green). I wish I had sneak some purple in there, I just forgot, maybe you can.

I m still in the process of finding stuff in amazon for you to order, mainly brushes, I understand OAS shipping is hard. I have ordered some very fine line brush, I think they are walking over to my house from China, they said it will arrive in July. Have a very nice walk. Meanwhile there are some links on my description on yutube you can click on to see if you like them. If I put a link there I have tried them, and I pay for all of them myself, out of my husband’s pocket. I am going to do more looking around so please stay tuned. I have liked everything I tried so far. Especially those japanese brushes that can be used as travel because of the lid. I used them in Yellowstone last time. They are on the small side, but very adequate for me. I am so glad amazon has so many fun thing to try for us. I should probably include the water color plalette I got from Meiliang. It was a very good one as far as colors are concerned but I hope they fix the issue of the tray. I hope you have fun here and enjoy my videos, say hi to me over at youtube if you can. I would love to hear from you.

love, Kathy

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