Watercolor hummingbird with red flower. Lets experiment with color pairing without making mud.

Hello my friends, thank you for coming to this hummingbird painting here on my blog. I am glad you probably enjoyed watching some of it on youtube. I have the drawing all the way to the bottom and I hope that would be good help to you.

This painting we used a lot of different colors and have them right next to each other, some of them I waited till it was dry, but most of the time it was very wet. So I hope you keep that in mind while you were painting along. The blue and purple really are very good color to be next to each other, however it is also very nice to have them not mix on the page or on your palette. So I hope you can see how I handle that and keep that in mind. As for the body of the bird, you can see that I let the yellow undercolor to dry quite a while before I put on the sap green. I quite like that. Somehow I felt the Thalo blue was has a little too much white in it, but I managed to sneak that in the bird too, when you discovered color that have white, then be extra caution about mixing them, either on palette or on the page, cause they go cloudy muddy quite fast. On the beak we have payne’s gray and red, better let them stay away from each other, and if managed to do that, they do work quite well. Blue and green are always good next to each other as you can see on the back feathery part of the bird. Not too much to worry about, we used that combination a lot. So with all that said, I wish you very good luck and a lot of fun putting this together for your fun.

The colors used are Dioxizine purple, royal blue or ultramarine blue, either one, thalo blue, payne’s gray, a little bit of red, just another reddish fleshy color only for the beak, sap green on top of cadm green light, and indigo. Also on the fire flowers I lay down some cadm yellow and then put some red on top. It worked well since that wasn’t the focal point of the whole painting. And for brushes used I used my Chinese happy dot brush, also flow brush can be found at same link, and a very detailed brush I got from Blick art supply, it’s called princeton 0. Here is the link to the chinese brushes.


I have changed from using arches watercolor paper, to Stonehenge because my computer seemed to take the scanning very well. And turned out the white I liked so I paint with that paper for the option of scanning the end work for sale on my blog shop and I hope you go visit it if you like. I do use my arches watercolor paper, I cut and bind them to use as my sketchbook for the process of art making videos, I quite like that. I don’t like to get frustrated when I am painting, so making my own sketchbook is very fun for me. I can do a lot of work on arches paper and don’t have to struggle, better put my energy into creating fun and pretty artwork then feel frustrated. If you guys care to learn about it, just let me know and I will do a video on it, it is quite easy and the book only have a few pages on them, but it is sufficient to take it like to a vacation or yellowstone national park because the chance of spotting a very good scene sometimes could be hard, but if we do then we have it and it is so much fun. I am very much looking forward to sketch a lot this spring summer in yellowstone, and I will bring those works back and show you guys. Hopefully get some footage too because then we can show them either on youtube, or blog or instagram etc.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. And hope you come back soon and be sure to subscribe. I have enjoyed all the email and pictures you sent me, from all over the world I really have a lot of fun getting to know you.

love, Kathy


  • Susan Johnson

    Took a course for accreditation hours for art teacher in Arkansas. Loved it. Unfortunately our house burned in2010 all was gone. Been using oil but don’t feel confident in picking it u again. You did a beautiful job on your hummingbird. We have mimosas trees in our yard and they’re very aggressive little buggers😉

    • kathy

      Hi Susan I am sorry to hear about your house fire and losing art stuff! The librarian at the university throw out all my art supply and sketchbook in my locker! It felt awful isn’t it! Sorry a fire happened to you! You are a good example of someone who kept doing your love of art! Thanks for saying hi!!! I hope you can have fun someday joining us in watercolor and drawing!

    • kathy

      Hi Lori, I am so glad you like that! I have head full of stories but nowadays I am more worried about explaining clearly! I hope I get to work more stories into video! I am currently having Covid maybe no post this week! Not too sick though!

    • kathy

      Thank you Trina so glad you had fun! I hope you enjoyed painting along and keep having fun! Thank you for your sweet comment!!! Have a good day!

  • Marion van Sabben

    Thank you Kathy, for the tutorials…
    I am a beginner with aquarel paint and very greatfull for your painting alongs. It is extremely helpful for me🥰
    Greetings from Holland!

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