Watercolor blue purple lilac with butterfly paint along demo tutorial

Hello my friends, thank you for coming to this painting on youtube and blog post. Since this is a more spontaneous style of watercolor painting, I try to redraw the drawing in ink pen. And I actually like this line drawing i did for you guys than the one I used. So I really hope you had fun painting along and enjoy practicing this style of watercolor, more free and spontaneous. It should be a lot of fun.

As I told you in the video, I often like to do a spring bird that sometimes resemble some birds and some times non identifiable. This year I did a hummingbird, because I am just loving some of the more vibrant color. And I thought it is good to do a lilac painting before the bird, as I hope to do a hummingbird checking out the lilac bush. It is hard for me to tell from the hummingbirds in the neighbor hood what flowers they actually preferred, because almost of them preferred the hummingbird feeder at my neighbor’s house. So they don’t go to the wild flowers, at least I have not seen a hummingbird checking out the lilac. Do you know what plant they like? I have seen them going around tulips and sometimes peonies. I guess artificial feeders are easier on them. But they are so well fed they are having babies and that’s fun. As of right now right outside my window I know there are mommy and daddy quails nesting under my flibert bush. I love having them there and hope to leave some water here and there so they can have some. It is a very bushy bush, and they must felt like they can hide from preditors. However from experiences from years passed, I know the snakes will come check them out. But that doesn’t mean they will not be successful in their nesting experiences. I know the day of the Orem Parade they will hatch. I will help them out a little and will not get too close, but I do have to do some weeding. I think they have seen me and I am an ok neighbor to them. I hope I can take some pics and post them here so you guys can see them. I walked out last week and saw daddy patrolling. Next time I will bring my camera. It is a wonderful time of the year for the birds and animals around. I am glad they have enough to eat to have babies. We see blue shells on pavement all the time. I think they belonged to the robins. We have a very wet year again and the weeds are huge, it bothers me and I am sure my neighbors, so it’s time to go weed some more.

We will go to yellowstone national park a lot this year. I will have a very good set of outdoor setting gear and supplies. If they turned out I will try to show them on a video. I love sketching outdoor, its another way of learning something new. Make quicker decision and how to image a good painting from the informations given by the environment. We have a rv now and we can stay inside the park. Yellowstone is very big, lots of times are spent traveling in the car. We should have a lot more time doing sketching from now on.

Ok let’s talk about paints used. Diox purple, thalo blue and actually some prylene green for the petals of the flowers. Leaves are the green mix, prylene green, cadm green light, sap green and indigo. Branch are burnt umber and lamp black, I am liking the darker brown color a lot. Butterfly is mix of cadm yellow med and cadm red med, sepia for the darker area.

I have introduced some new paint brush. It was just an attempt to try to help out those of you who preferred to order from amazon. Too bad none of them are fine enough to replace the zero brush from oriental art supply. I will keep looking and hopefully will come up with something. I love these brushes, they are made in Japan, and seemed to be very good, I may have one hair shed so far. But shedding doesn’t bother me especially in the beginning. The link is in the description on youtube post. Hope you go take a look, they are a steal, 6 dollars and change for two. So I got all four and will be using them at yellowstone too. They come to a very nice fine point too.

Ok thank you. I love all of your support of my channel. Thank you for being so positive in your encouragement, it means the world to me. I will see you again next time. Bye……


  • Mary Jo

    I enjoy your demonstration and instruction. I seem to do ok with the subject but I always mess up the back ground. It seems like that should be the easiest part, but not for me. I wonder if you have any tips on creating the shadowy and delicate effects that make your finished work so lovely.

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