Apple watercolor paint along tutorial Art Illustration

This paint along is a little longer, however you can pause or speed forward anytime, or even stop and come back to it later. I had fun painting it and I hope you have fun watching and painting. All my tutorial are unlisted on youtube, but you can click from here to get to the tutorial, I am grateful we can have youtube to serve the video. Please leave me comments and suggestions, I love to hear from you.

Most of the paint I used are from Daniel smith’s, but if they are not I will mention the brand. I was a bit nervous and trying to double task painting and explaining at the same time, so I would like to clarify that the Perylene Green I used is from Schmincke. Very pretty color with less yellow and a tag on the bluish side, but not as dark as Indigo, which I used a lot too, and in this painting. Any pink color will work for the pink on the apple. And just a tiny bit of blue purple under the leaf in the front. The other colors is mentioned in the tutorial as I paint. Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy it.


  • Sally Simpson

    Loved this lesson, mine turned out pretty well for a newbie, all down to your excellent teaching skills. A happy pupil from East Sussex in England

  • Runi Ratnam

    Kathy, I am from India and I live in New York. I used to paint a long time ago, and I wanted to get back into doing it. Your blogs and videos are wonderful and I am loving painting along with you! Thank you for guidance and your wonderful insights!

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