Watercolor black eyed Susan with dew drops paint along demo tutorial

Hello my friends, thank you for coming here to my blog. This is one whole day late getting uploaded, thank you so much, you guys are so patient with me and I know that. I am a lot slower than when I was younger but then the process of editing and posting is getting easier for me. Good thing I can chat up a storm so it is not too hard to do a post.

I had promised a dew drop tutorial when I was doing the tulips but then it didn’t happen, you know it was because I was just happily painting away and totally forgot about it. And the slope of the tulip is a bit hard to fit a dew drop on it, but in reality that morning when I was out drawing and filming, the tulips has lots of little dew drops just hanging out on the petals. But so I saw this photograph on pinterest with a dandelion with lots of dew drops, but I didn’t want to copy that photo exactly, so I thought about the black eyed susan and that a while back I did say we will paint one this year. I originally wanted to do a the process of art making first, but oh well here it is. I went down to BYU and they only have one blossom because this is way too early. So I decided to just look around for reference pictures. I found a lot and take a flower from here and one from there, and have some pretty leaves to hold the dew drops and I was very surprised the green dew drops are a lot prettier in my opinion. I hope you will found this pretty and will try to have fun with me painting along. Not really too hard. Maybe next year we will do another black eyed susan and I hope I will manage to make it different? Maybe? Will we ever run out of ideas lol. We may but I will keep trying. World is a beautiful place I hope we can keep painting along.

Recently I went to a parade, and was my chance to draw fairies. I love fairies and each year at the parade I usually went early and I will draw a fairy. So I have one and I will have my daughter film my sketchbook and I will show you. Maybe one day we will do fairies, meaning moving into doing some simple human face and body. We will see.

Ok lets talk about the colors used. For the blossoms, cadm medium yellow, cadm yellow light , quin gold and little bit of quin burnt orange. Also a slight bit of burn umber on the dew drop. And the middle part is payne’s gray and quin violet and some burn umber. For the leaves my green mix, cadm yellow light, prylene green, sap green and indigo. Same for the green dew drops. Remember to use some variety of green, and try it, don’t be afraid to try it will make your painting come alive I promise. Take care to not overmix color, best to just let the color mix on the page if possible. Try putting color next to each other and then just see if they mix well. I am a little sad I forget to add the quin violet on the background but it turned out lovely right? I hope you have fun following along.

Someone asked me to put a link to the brushes and I will try now. I hope it will do well for me I am not too good at putting links on. And we have been busy, maybe I will have my daughter teach me how or actually put a supply link for you guys to click on. So Suesan, if you come here to look for the link, I promised a supply category will be up soon. Maybe that’s safer way for us to do, thank you for your patience. Then I don’t have to retype in every post, I really am not too good at doing so. And then I can have this post up asap so people don’t have to wait for my daughter to help me with links first.

Many of you have sent me pics of your paintings, I really truly enjoyed them, itreally makes my day. I just want to point out one thing that I noticed is that try to be a bit more careful with not mixing color too much. And pay attention to the color combinations that I mentioned during the video. I know it is very hard to have all the right color ready. I want you guys to be brave and just let color mix on the paper if possible. And maybe learn to see the beauty in letting watercolor do its own thing. I really have hard time if you ask me to give you guys some suggestions. But here is a point that I can comfortably point out to you. And if you are apprehensive about ruining your painting, try to have a piece of paper on the side and practice a few times. I think you will eventually learn to like that and will be able to maintain the crispness of watercolor. Thank you for allowing me to point that out here. I hope you guys have good luck with it.

Have a very good day and see you guys very soon. love Kathy


    • kathy

      Hi Suesan the supply list is up here now at least that’s what my daughter told me! Thank you for visiting! She may call it products list! I hope you have fun getting some brushes!

  • Kathy

    I just stumbled across your tutorials! I love your style I am so excited to paint with you. Thank you for sharing your expertise and art

    • kathy

      Hi Kathy I am so happy you found us! I think it’s fun and beneficial to paint along and more videos to come! So just have fun and keep me updated on your process!

  • Toni

    I want to thank you. Yesterday I had a very stressful day. I needed something to relax and I found these beautiful sunflowers to paint and your teaching is so relaxing and fun. I enjoyed it so much and will finish it today. Thank you for your videos. I look forward to happy times painting with you.

    • kathy

      Thank you Toni for letting me know your experience! I do that too sometimes! It’s so good to give yourself a break from problems! Keep in touch!

    • kathy

      Hey Pat so fun right!!! So glad you did that!it’s so good for us to paint!! I know people really like getting those cards from the heart! Thank you for letting me know and you have a great day!

  • Leticia

    Hi Kathy, I wanted to thank you!!!! It’s sooooo beautiful what you do! And I’m so glad to have found you. I’m doing this painting with a lot of fun! sometimes I’m a little bit in doubt of the result of my paintings, but at the end I’m so far happy with it,, as though I’m a beginner. You have a very nice manner to teach things. I hope, that sometime I can compose the beauty that surrounds me.

    Loving greets from Switzerland


  • Sally Simpson

    another great lesson, i very much enjoyed adding the rain drops they look so special. Thank you very much Kathy for your time to show how to do this. Sally

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