Watercolor sweet robin on lilac paint along demo have fun

Hello my friends thank you for coming to visit mrs robin and maybe paint along with me. This robin definitely is on the easy side of the scale and I truly hope you have fun and let me know how it goes. The lilac is fun exercise and preparation for our painting of lilac bush maybe in the near future. I enclosed a pic of our lovely robin outside. I still have not seen her much but I think the weather is getting hot and she must be hiding with her chicks. Yesterday i walk along a road close to the duck pond and had to get out of the way for mommy duck with 11 little ducklings. We had so much fun and my daughter ran after them when they were trying to cross the street. Mommy duck do need to be careful cause she might run into people that can’t see her or the little duckies too well. But they crossed safely. About a month back at the same spot I saw a big huge bird with a big nest on top of a huge tree, I haven’t seen her either, I think she must still be sitting on the nest. Nature is very active during this late part of spring or early summer. We have just passed the longest day of the year, and the gardens are all starting to produce fruits and vegetables for food. It is a very fun part of the year. And my son actually run into mommy and baby quail, those are so fun cause the baby quails are super small. Years ago my Japanese’ friend’s stupid dog will hold a baby in his mouth until baby suffocate, see I am very fair to call him stupid right? I remembered we had baby quails at the church parking lot all the time when I go on my walk. My friend used to yell at that dog so hard, she would say, don’t pretend, spit the quail out, I know what you are up to. But you know they all have their personalities, even my friend is quite gentle in heart, she had that stupid dog that just love to kill the cutest quails. I am glad he is gone now, can I say that. We will definitely be painting quail very soon.

Ok on to the color, for the lilac I decided to use magenta instead of the traditional purple, just to match the robin well. We have lots of lilac trees around here, in the video I will tell you why I put her on the lilac tree. sepia mainly for the branches. For robin, I usually transparent red oxide and cadm yellow medium that was fun, then payne’s gray and indigo and sepia and some black and maybe some burnt umber and a very light touch of green. Don’t forget to have your green mix ready at all time. Green mix is so important right.

Wow I am currently working on some baby turtle, and didn’t realized that next week is July 4, my favorite holiday. I am going to have to whip up an eagle with American flag very quickly this week. Do you know I love America, Its very touching to me, I hope I don’t cry through my painting video. It’s hard for me to talk about it, but you guys probably can guess due to my family’s circumstances how lovely we felt to be able to come here. So I hope I can get the eagle done and talked about America with you guys. I would love to hear about your story too. If you want to tell me something about you, I will be so delighted, you have many places to leave message for me. Thank you for being my friends, I do treasure all of you, I think when and if my channel gets big, I will still treasure all of you. You guys are just lovely people and so kind to each other and me. May the grace of our Heavenly Father always be with you, and that you will be allowed to keep the loveliness and kindness that you have. I didn’t know when I started this channel that I will grow to love so many of you. You have a wonderful week and weekend and we will speak, text, email, message soon. love always, Kathy


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