Watercolor tulips pink (magenta) pink along demo tutorial

Hello my friends, thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you looked around, I know that my post sometimes seemed long, but it is just something to do with google. I hope I put some fun stuff in my post and you guys can skip over anything not interesting.

So about this tulips painting, I had a lot of fun preparing for this, from the process of art making all the way to the tulip paint along. And I already have fun footage on the Iris too. That will be something for the coming weeks. I really enjoy drawing and if I have not mentioned enough time. And I hope very soon I will be hearing from some of you actually begin to draw, or tell me about your drawing experience if you already am a drawing artist. And the process of art making, I don’t do a blog post, party because I am super busy and partly because I really want you guys to, if you like, go out and find anything to draw. I am waiting and see if anyone will ask me about sketchbook and supplies, and I will know that some of you are actually venturing into sketching, journalling. I know that drawing outdoor can be very intimidating. Let me tell you about one time in Yellowstone, it is about another artist, not me. But I was around a pretty waterfall and my daughter whispered to me that there was an artist drawing on the other side. So I walked over there slowly and try to see how he did, and of course he knew people are watching him. And he didn’t look back, knowing that I was behind him. And i saw that the page he was working on seemed to be a big mess. Upon furthur observing, he was doing everything upside down. That was the way some artist try to train themselves to actually see shapes, instead of letting your mind tells you what a rock should look like. Or a bird or a flower. I have not challenge myself to that kind of drawing yet. But I always start with a general shape, I looked for circle square triangle or anything irregular. And after I do my best on the placement and proportion of shapes, then I go into the form and actually start to draw. I took so much pleasure in doing so. And I try to always have a sketchbook and pens or pencil with me, all of my gear. I have a little pretty bag that I put the smallest stuff in there, but then I have a backpack with all of my fun stuff. They are all very precious to me. But one day I will try to practice drawing things upside down, because I always love a challenge and I know it is so good for my brain development. And I hope you will too, start from very basic, just a little sketchbook and start with pencil and eraser, and see if you actually love it. Just remember it is for yourself, and don’t worry about what people will say or even worry about people laughing. Even now, I still make a lot of mistakes. My sister will say this girl you are drawing are not the same one on the screen, or my mother in law will say I painted a bunny ears on the flower, she actually said cat ears I think. It will make me uncomfortable, but I know that my effort to for me and my passion and well being, I usually don’t mind too much and just keep going, because I know I will get there. The process of learning we must face a lot of mistakes and fails. But if we don’t give up then we will get it one day. Be patience with ourselves right. Meanwhile enjoy the calming and healing effect of focusing. I hope you will find it fun and be sure to let me know.

Ok, the colors I used for this tulips are Magenta, Quin violet, some Payne’s gray, my green mix of Indigo, prylene green, sap green and cadm yellow light. Not a lot of color. But it sure was very fun. And I used some Chinese brush you can see towards the beginning. And remember, you are an artist even if you can’t draw, at least maybe not yet. I applaud you for your willingness to create and express beauties on a paper. One day you will venture out to try new things and you will be so happy you begin your journey here.

Meanwhile keep painting and having fun here in this channel. I am so glad to meet all of you. Keep me update on what you are doing. love you so much, Kathy


  • susan stark

    I just recently started watching your videos and painting along with you.I am starting my third year of watercolor art and love it.I have looked at lots of artists work.I am really inspired by your flowers in particular.I am enjoying learning your technique and got a lot out the technique video.I think I will do leaf painting for a warm up before tackling a piece.Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.

    Sue Stark

    • kathy

      Hi Susan welcome here thanks for saying hi! Yes just have fun trying the paintings, you will be surprised how much you progress! Thank you for your nice comments! Keep in touch!

  • Marjo

    Hi Kathy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent. I am just starting with the watercolor painting. But I love it very much.
    Your video’s are so helpful to paint along. Wonderful lessons to learn, especially about all the colors.
    I would love to visit you some day.


  • Lisa

    Hi Kathy,
    I recently found some of your “shorts” videos on Pinterest and decided to visit your blog and check out your videos on YouTube. I want to begin learning how to watercolor and I think that I will start by following your full length videos. I like your style and the way you teach. You have such a wonderful talent and I thank you for sharing it with us artists. Here’s to the start of my watercolor journey and the enjoyment that I’m sure to find along the way, with your help, of course.

    • kathy

      Hello welcome to my channel! I hope you will find everything helpful! You can ask me questions too if there’re things unclear! Good luck and keep me posted! Just take your time and it will be good after some practice!!!!

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