Fall Pumpkin watercolor paint along tutorial with few tips and tricks How to paint a pumpkin In watercolor

This painting is fun, fall is upon us and we are so looking forward to the orange yellow crimson burnt orange color. I hope you pick up and wet your paint brushes and paint along with me. I have more tips in the video especially at the end I show you how to turn an ordinary stem into a twisted one. Also tip on how to focus on high lights when painting to further bring the form of the pumpkin out. I hope you enjoy this and come back often to paint with me.
I used burnt orange, deeper shade of yellow called Indian yellow, a medium red shade, dark brown or sepia, French ochre. Reason why I tell you the color in this way is that you can paint with what you have and it will be great. Until later when you decide to buy some professional watercolor this will do for now. Most importantly begin painting and don’t let your brush dry. Have a wonderful fall.


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