Watercolor forest gnome and robin winter wonderland paint along demo tutorial

Hello my friends, thank you for joining me here for this fun technique filled paint along. And it is a very fine day with sunshine here in Utah, but the temperature is quite chill. I didn’t sleep well last night, very busy yesterday preparing for thanksgiving food, and I was snacking on the cranberries, the raw ones, and it was very sour. Maybe that is the cause of my sleepless night. The problem is we have planned to go on a hike and that kind of rule that out. But no problem, tomorrow morning we will go. Very excited about getting some pictures ready for a youtube post. Around Christmas time. How are you all doing? Today is Thanksgiving, and the turkey is in the oven, my oldest daughter used the bag method but used Elton Brown’s suggested temperature of 500 degrees and burn the bag, good thing she rescued it, very funny. Now her turkey is going through the breast down method. We brine our turkey overnight with Elton Brown’s recipe, and we did it like that for years. The turkey is always very juicy and we have lots of gravy. And it’s not golden brown, we could if we take it out of the bag and put turkey back in. But we are usually very anxious for the meal. But we looked most forward to the left over with chinese rice and dipping turkey meat in soy sauce. Making broth etc. However my second daughter in Florida is all done and is now taking a nap. I am very proud of them for being so willing to try cooking. It was very tiring for both girls cause they are both pregnant.

And how about this forest gnome. As you paint along with me, we will chat about being a chinese myself coming to America and experiencing snow, and the fun and happiness. And we will talk about me being a strange kid used lots of imagination to entertain, and winter wonderland is one of the most visited imagination place. Having experience a great big winter storm one year around Bend Oregon, I would hardly believe there is such beauty on earth. Even though the little car was stuck a few times in the snow, I was delighted to get out. The beauty also was the yellow light shining on the new fallen snow, with trees up so high and dropping chunks of snow on the car, the yellow light reflect on the snow was the inspiration of this yellow behind the gnome. I loved it, the beauty had made an impression in my mind all these years and I will try to go somewhere to experience this again. I love heavy snowfall. One year my husband had back surgery and I didn’t have a snow plow and I did all the plowing myself, my back ached for days, but I still loved being out in the snow. I love snow shoeing, going to talk my husband into going some day in the evening. Or early morning. I hope you have fun following this video, lots of very fun technique in here, because I think this is the first time I do a human illustration.

The color used are surprising very basic, gnome’s suit is royal blue, lots of burnt umber, a little quin burnt orange for the belt and the robin. Cadm red medium mix with yellow for the candy cane stripes on the hat, burnt sienna plus red for the flesh, you can add more red if my color is too dark for you, little sepia for robin, and lots of paynes gray for boots, background, and a touch of blue purple. Tree is mainly indigo and chinese ink, you can see me using chinese ink throughout this painting too. Something i have decide to use more from now on. You can see from the picture of this painting that there is nothing dull about chinese ink. It mixes with watercolor paint very well. We will have lots of fun using it from now on.

Ok be sure to subscribe because I have poinsettias, penguin and lots of fun things coming up. It all depends on how fast I can get them ready. But meanwhile have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure to eat all you want. love, Kathy

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