Chickadee Watercolor

Chickadee watercolor with video tutorial

Hello everyone, I am so glad if you find your way to my blog. I have posted a couple of posts, however this is the first one with video tutorial, and there will be many more to come. I am not too good with managing video, and I did a voice over this time, I am sure with time I will get better. I am at the point of my artist journey that I have more time to improve my skills and share my works out there, so I really have no plans to charge you nice people. I like to look at it more as a paint along, so you can improve your skills, with me giving you what I have learned through the years, if you can call them tips. Since it is only you watching or following along, it will be very nice if you guys will post comments. Once again thank you so much.

This chickadee is relatively easy, and is painted in a very free and spontaneously style. I like it because I think as an artist progress, we tends to get looser with our painting, we can accomplished different goals, and most of us will gravitate towards more spontaneous style, sometimes even more abstract. I am never really uptight about the exact names and brands of paints, brushes, etc, because I have made video using my grandson’s school watercolor. I think we can still do good work. As for brushes, some of my favorites are very very cheap, I love the Chinese watercolor brushes, although some of them are not too inexpensive. I also have lots of very expensive sable brushes. I tend to like brushes that bounch back to a fine tip easily. In this painting, I used a very old Daniel Smith brand mix hair synthetic brush. It is one of my favorite, so sad they discontinued them. General color I used: Holbien Royal blue, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, some brand of light yellow. Daniel smith lamp black, Sepia, and blue purple.

I like to say a little bit of flying white. It is part of a Chinese watercolor painting, as the brush fly through the paper, it skipped and left white spots on painting randomly. It is a very much desired effect, a hard technique really to master, but you can do it in shuen paper easier. Since I learned Chinese watercolor painting first, I have always love that skill and bring it to my traditional western watercolor too. I uses white to suggest seperation of objects, to suggest highlights and many more technique. I saw that used by a lot of western artist too. I hope you enjoy that.

Paper used is Arches watercolor cold press.

Thank you again.


  • Scott Cannon

    I agree! I thought this was such a well taught tutorial with such a nice speed, and many useful tips. It’s a beautiful result as well. Thanks!

      • Brenda Cordry

        I have spent the afternoon watching your videos and I was excited to find you have tutorials on birds and flowers! And I had looked at these bamboo brushes at my art store and now I want to go back and get one now that your video shows how to use them. Thank you for sharing your talent!

        • kathy

          Hi Brenda so happy you found me! And welcome! Yes you can grab one of those brush they are just tough and good! Oriental art supply is online store you can check out, I need to order another one! Don’t buy it if it looks low quality if you try Chinese stores! Yes if you try to follow along then let me know how it goes, take your time in beginning , I try to go a little bit faster because of time constraints! Thank you again!

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