Watercolor horseshoe among clovers demo paint along tutorial

Hello my friends, thank you for coming to my blog. This is a very fun and easy to paint along practice. I hope you enjoy doing this. We will do more of this kind of clipart style painting once a while.

I just came back from my mother in law’s funeral. It was a very good service, and the families get to see each other again. Shortly after my husband’s sister’s funeral a few weeks ago. Now I am more free to do things, feel likes a big load off my shoulders. We have reason to believe that his mom is in a very good place and is reunited with her husband and mother and all those that love her. She is 92 years old and so it was a great relief to her from the failing body. She lived a very good life, and did a lot of great things, but the best that she did was when she took care of her dementia husband. She was so good to him, has been a great example of courage and faith and love to me.

We came home and today we are snowing here again, this is april. Two more days of snow coming, and the rivers are overflowing. So my husband and I signed up to go fill sand bags for the city. I guess they can’t get enough of their own workers to do so, but I have always loved these kind of work. I am really looking forward to work together with the other volunteers, we always have fun serving others. Joking and working is my favorite. Better to get work done as a preventive measure then rescue. Next week my husband told me weather will go up to 70s and I guess the snow will start melting and a lot of water will be dumped into the lakes and streams and it will flood the residents that lived next to the river. I live on a hill, so we will be good unless there is a mud slide, then not so good. We hope and pray everything will be well and our homes and all of the homes around this area will be safe. I wondered where they get all the sands, but I will be down there with my gloves. Maybe shovels. I guess Heavenly Father wanted us to do our best to help people and then He will send help. It seemed to be His pattern. Also my flowers once again buried under the snow, I guess no need for watering for a while.

Ok colors used, any kind of grayish silver watercolor if you have it. Lamps black, magenta, quin violet, prylene green and indigo. I think that is all

I hope yu have fun listening to my story of hiking and finding horse shoes, does any of you like collecting horseshoes or any things on the trail while you hike? I am going to be more intensely looking for treasures from now on.

Also I have decided to do some cooking of curry and make them into video, I will post them here on the blog for people to find them, but probably won’t make i t available to the public, but just for people who are interested to come here and look. Unless I get lots of interest, I may have to open another youtube account to do some cooking. Let me know how you enjoy them? I think it maybe next two weeks or so. We have lots of cousins and families wanted to make curry. It is really fun and doing it yourself is a lot healthier I think. Ok thank you for following me along with this paitning, I will see you guys very soon. love, Kathy


  • Sally Simpson

    Very much enjoyed this tutorial , second attempt but still my Winsor & Newton Perlyn Green is tricky to use on these small areas, im a newbie so its probably just me, I need to learn how to control it.
    Thank you look forward to my next lesson. Sally

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