Watercolor trouble shooting, the muddy situations. And some suggestions of professional watercolors

hello everyone, thank you for coming here. I hope you are not very frustrated about making mud in watercolor. And this post may offer some help. I think the video is very self explanatory so I wouldn’t not spend much time here talking about the problem with mud making. And also finally you have a list what I most used in watercolor paintings. And I hope it is of some help to you. Don’t worry too much about which brand of professional watercolor, get the one that is easiest for you to seek out. Except for the prylene green, it’s windsor and Newton. You can get that at Amazon.

Some professional watercolor, M Graham, Daniel Smith’s, Windsor and Newton, Holbein’s. And the rest I leave it to you to explore and have fun.

Thank you for coming here, let me know if you need any more help. Kathy


  • Nancy wight

    My watercolors are so stiff. Am really looking forward to trying your techniques. They are delightful
    Images you paint, so free and colorful, thanks you for the help. Nancy

  • Kandace

    I just found your channel on YouTube . . . You are such a delightful person, I love 💗 hearing your stories and learning from you the techniques stored in your brain from years of knowledge. I live in Conroe, TX, it’s hot and humid so the paper does not dry quickly. I need more patience to allow drying so not to get the “mud” on my water coloring. I did purchase a few of the brushes you recommended.

    • kathy

      Hi Pauline, the product that I used link my daughter put in this blog you can find most of what I used, I will try to go look around myself and add whatever. Maybe I will add the tea that I drink there too. Let me know if you find everything you need.

  • Novene

    No one I have followed has explained things as clearly as you have. Thank you so much for your patience in teaching.
    I also am from Utah, St. George by the new Red Cliffs Temple. Which part do you live in?

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