Watercolor Violets Tutorial

Watercolor violets paint along demo tutorial

‘hello thank you for stopping by here, one way or another you ended up in my blog. If you come here to look for a line drawing to start the painting please scroll down all the way to the bottom, you can bypass and not read my rambling. But I do have the color choice I used somewhere in the middle here. I am to write about 700 words each time, that’s what I am told to do and so I do it. Or google not very happy with me, we do everything to make google happy. How is everyone. haha today May 5 in Utah, our high temperature is about 60 degrees, we are almost ike living in San Francisco. The sky is still pour snow on the high elevations. There are floods already going on in places. So we are hoping the reservoir in our area at least can hold and handle the melting of the snow on the mountain, thus giving the Provo river a chance to empty out to the lake and not flooding over the riverbottom’s houses. My husband and I had filled sandbag couple weeks ago, for an area up the canyon with a little creek ran through the houses. Its beautiful but I can see how it can be a big problem if the water melt fast. This little area is not regulated by reservoir, so the creek can run anytime it wants and however much water the speed of melting will cause. So I hope they have enough sandbag. Its no fun at all to have to worry so much. We lived on a hill and so we hope there’s no mud sliding down on us. The danger is not too high at all.

I am very glad to be able to paint this violet with you all , and talk about the fun of children growing up once upon a time. Where they can go into woods and the hundred acre wood and felt safe. They can go with friends and find pretty flowers like this to pick for their mothers. Of course today our children seemed to have more money, but I guess they can actually buy mommies presents. In hong kong where I grew up I can actually pick up plumeria dropping from trees and I used to bring those to my mom, they are so scented, and the tree grow very very tall. I love the scent when it bloomed, last time we went to hong kong we also walked by a plumeria tree, and I loved it. The violets are like little fairies close to the ground, I can imagine a child with good imaginations would love to pretend they are fairies. Good or bad. We will talk about fairies again when we have a chance to paint bleeding hearts. I found that while we are painting, it’s great fun to transport ourselves to a beautiful place, we can recall beautiful memories, or use our imagination to make up some. Make life so much more fun and beautiful if I may say so. I got to visit my daughter’s family in houston this past week, and my little three years old Marie is great at stealing my phone. I have taught her yes I taught her to navigate my photo, and she came upon this violet finished painting. And she said popo you painted that with a big smile on her face. And kept telling me two three times after. Isn’t it fun. JAnd I took her outside to look at neighor’s flowers and bugs, they have froggies in their neighborhood. We looked at birds and pigeons. Today we called those walks hiking, because there are just not that many things to explore. And we do, we go to Yellowstone national park with them and help them see the beauty of the forest. Thats very speical to me .

Colors used, my green mix prylene green, indigo, sap green, cadm green light and middle of the flower is cadm green medium. Diox purple which is the blue purple with some quin violet sneaks in to make it more colorful.

Thank you for coming to visit this blog, I hope you have fun and we will paint the daffodils hopefully in the next painting. I am so grateful for all of you. And I am looking forward to paint more things and do more fun things very soon. love, Kathy


  • Lyna Pelletier

    Hello Katy.
    I just watched the tuto of violets. Just fantastic.
    I’m a French girl from Québec and started aquarelle 2 years ago. I love it and wish to improve my hability. So I will Watch you tuto for sure. Thank you for your beautiful aquarelle and your comments very appreciated.
    From Québec


    Thank you so much. I was doing tutorials with folks that were doing wet on wet or trying to use very wet brushes for results. it wasn’t happening for me and it was very frustrating. i love how you do these violets. i have much more control and it is so much more rewarding. You are an amazing artist.

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