Watercolor spring time bunny American fuzzy lop demo paint along tutorial

Hello my friends thank you for coming to this fun bunny paint along. Utah is still very very cold, I am one day late in my prevention of deers eating my tulips, so a few of my sunset tulips tips had been eaten. Usually, as my past years experience, that means they won’t bloom this year. But I can still have hope. I have a net over them, but in order for them to not grow through the net, I have to go out and loosen the net daily to give them room to grow but not through, I hope that makes sense at all. But I am still very excited, the pink group of tulips will do just fine and then I have some yellow ones. The yellow ones never grow into clusters, I am not that good with spring bulb I don’t really understand what is happening. The deers must be very thirsty for flowers. I am very discouraged even with so many dogs in the neighborhood, they just don’t chase the deers away. What good are the dogs if they don’t do their jobs. It is what it is, maybe I should go out and talk to Gunner when I see him. He does still chases cars, but deers? he lost interests in them. What a big disappointment he is. I did a pink tulips last year, I will do another one this year, maybe yellow I will have to see what inspires me at that point. I am now focused on violets, I hope with practice I will make a good video for up coming video, so exciting.

I have always loved this kind of bunnies. And am grateful finally find out their proper name. Sometimes they can grow very very big, and I hope I can see one or two this year. They don’t really bother any garden, they like to eat grass, but if you save some lettuce for them they sure love it. They do leave their fertilizers around and they are very good for your grass and garden. So I heard about the deer poop too. But I get rid of them if I sees them. Yes my neighborhood is full of wild life, sometimes a cougar will show up out of no where. I think it is because some of our lovely neighbors do raise chickens, and they must be very yummy to cougars. But I wholeheartedly love chickens and ducks so I can’t blame them. And the eggs are so good for us, the more green they eat the more vitamin k2 they produce in their eggs, and that is a very good rare vitamins that we all need. I hope you guys go out to get free range chicken, not only cage free, because of the grass they get to eat, they are really better for our health. And we need to practice painting animals, they will discipline us to be a little more careful in our execution, so I hope from time to time you will take the time to do animals.

Ok, the color I used, first on the bunny are payne’s gray mixed with lamp black, use very light mix, then yellow ochre and burnt umber, also light mix. The eyes are mostly lamp black with a light payne’s gray around it. Colors of the flowers are cadm yellow light and medium, perylene green and sap green, sometimes mix with indigo. Then some megenta and also quin violet. Oh I just love the mix of the colors. And the background apart from mix green and indigo, i used some violet and magenta to spice things up. I am very happy with the many color mixed here. And to make things consistent, I use some violet and yellow in the bunny too. You can follow me and see where i hide those colors.

Well I hope you have a very nice spring time, and I hope in your area you are safe. Our area that are next to river, people are worried about flooding. We were going to make sand bags and my husband got too busy. We are holding our breath and hope that the capacity of the reservoir and the river can handle the spring melting of snow from the mountain. If any flooding occurs I will sure to let you know. Hope you guys are all safe and happy and plant some flowers and go look at flowers everywhere. I will see all of you in the next post. love, Kathy


  • Arlene Murphy

    Hi Kathy
    I just finished your little bunny and I love him. Can I email this to you so you can see my version?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful instruction. Think the little bird might be my next.

    Do you have a book out?

  • Sharon

    Hi Kathy,

    How can I print the sketches for the tutorials? I tried to print only that page of the blog but it printed it rather small with lots of solid dark blue on the side and bottom. Yikes a lot of waste.

    I am a beginner and loved painting the gerbera daisy with dragon fly. Fortunately it was my practice sheet as the first thing I did was drop my brush on the insects face, but for a practice it was fine and I continued. Can’t wait to paint over again. Thank you!

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