Watercolor trumpet flower Chinese style demo tutorial paint along

Hello my friends, how are you? Is everyone having a very happy new year and finding time to paint along here with me. I was gone since Jan 4 to help with taking care of my daughter and baby, and this painting was actually flmed there next to their window. Plenty of good sunshine in Florida, but I didn’t go anywhere much. We walked the baby outside their apartment complex, to help bb get some sun. She has a little jaundice. And try to adjust her to the day and night thing and it worked out, she seemed to know that night time is night time and try to sleep and not fuss much. A very smart baby indeed. And my daughter is doing well. The first few days was tough but then she bounced back quiet quickly and by the time I leave I felt peace. She is a very good girl and I can see she tried hard to do what is needed of her. And her husband is quite a good man, very helpful. He is big and warm and the baby liked to be rocked by him and he has a beautiful voice for lulaby. It was fun fun, I was quite exhausted to be honest. But I missed them immensely and wish I could be home and there at the same time, but I do believe that they need to begin their journey of their little family and each arrange their part to make things work, and I am excited for them. It really is priceless to be able to leave them in peace, because they are such good people. I worried about the baby crying and all those silly things, and I missed her so much. Next time I see her she will be out of her baby phase which I learned from my first grandson. I thought my grandson ate my baby grandson. That was silly of me. I saw a lot of big birds like cranes and ducks and a big owl one evening, that was fun. I had hope to see a spoonbill but no luck yet. I would love to go to a zoo or wild life preserve to see some birds and animals. The plants of Florida are beautiful. But this was really a working trip. I cooked a lot, and did a lot of laundry. Also stayed up late to help with baby, she was 8 lbs 2 ozs, and so my daughter had to recover a lot. I decided to stay up to help her with bb. In case she needs to walk the baby and we had a lot of fun together talking about things. I promised to include a pic of baby, will do next video. She is now close to 10 lbs, hopefully will sleep a long stretch for that matter, but we never know right. thank you for all of your congratulations and good wishes, I love all of you and your love and support, we are like friends and families, and I truly love your messages and comments. I hope to do my best in helping with your watercolor journey and have fun together. Even at busy time, I canstill give some to you all.

About this painting, it is very Asian Chinese style, I wanted to do something like this for a long time, and decided that it is easy and fun and so I did. I think it is easy to paint along and hope you would try. The light and shadow are a little bit ignored so one less thing to worry about. That is just the style. I will in good time when some of the trumpet flowers around the neighborhood bloomed, we will paint a traditional detailed style. But here it is, I think you will have fun painting along.

Colored used are very simple, cadm red medium, cadm yellow medium, sap green and indigo. Some sepia for the branches and that is good to go.

I am thinking I wanted to do another one with bird, but I will think on it and you will see what I will come up next. I had some time to practice a lot, so i have a few video coming up very soon. It will be a fun winter, I guess it is winter here in Utah, so cold like a freezer outside. But we will have fun painting lots of fun stuff.

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