Gandalf visited Bilbo at Bag End

I love this painting, it is really fun to do illustrations of characters. My husband and children are all big fan of Tolkien, I have always wanted to read all the books. I have watched all the movies, and have thought about them through the years. Somehow I have developed an impression of the moral of the whole story. Part of it my husband agreed and part I guess not. Recently, the thought of reading the books once again lingers in my mind. So one day, I decided maybe I can listen to the audiobook while I am painting. We were super excited and found the audio books in the library, and I found the process extremely enjoyable. The fellowship are now entering Moria, or about to enter Moria, and my husband was so excited about this part. I am glad the wolfs part is over. So I will have to wait till Monday to paint something and continue on the book. Part of my problem was the commitment of time, but not this seemed to work perfectly. So fun to be painting Gandalf and listening to the story. This is a relatively new blog, I hope I gained more traffic here. Most of these painting are on sale on my etsy website. I am going to look around and see if my daughter, who set this nice blog up for me, had included a link to my etsy shop. She is very busy on an internship with her husband, and so nice to do this for me. While I was waiting for this to be ready I painted a lot, so more post coming soon. I am hoping more people come, I can hear comments and also get more feedback from you all. Meanwhile have a very nice Sunday tomorrow and I am sure more paintings and post to come.


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