Watercolor pine cone demo tutorial

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to my blog post. It’s been fun doing this on location, in Florida visiting my new grand daughter. I am so glad got this actually filmed. Let me give you the color used and make this post very short.
sepia, green mic, yellow ochre, quin burnt orange, burnt umber.

Thank you for visiting, I will write more here when I get home and have a good keyboard.


    • kathy

      Hello, I think you must be talking about the Windsor Newton prylene green!! It’s a very good green you can mix with indigo or yellow! I enjoy using it a lot on its own or mix color!

  • Linda

    Kathy I loveyour tutorials, but I must say, this was a challenge to draw. Not your fault of course, Just didn’think a pinecone would be hard to draw. But after the third try, I realized there is a lot to a pinecone and a lot of angles that need to line up, It was great experience to try this. I love your peonies and I would I am going to try painting those mushrooms! Thank for being so generous with your talent and sharing it with us!


    • kathy

      Hi Linda thank you for your kind words. Yes art is very encompassing isn’t it. Lots of practice, if you want to try easier practice session, try drawing a leave or circle etc to practice. Then come back to the pinecone or whatever because it will be challenging to us and we will learn more. Good luck, let me know as time goes on how painting is coming along for you>

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