Painting of the Savior watercolor demo tutorial

Hello all of my friends, welcome to this fun simple painting of the Savior watercolor painting! I am so glad that we can actually do this painting together. Run into so much trouble with getting the blog post up and uploading to youtube also. But here it is. I am especially excited to be able to do this with my sisters in my Church unit (ward), I hope if you are reading this that you would watch the whole video through and see where we may want to pay attention to and some downfall. It is so import, we will be able to do the painting on our meeting day without most frustrations. I highly encourage you to do so. And as for my other friends on youtube, I really felt bad that we can’t meet to do painting together, but honestly the video will be more beneficial then painting with me. I get tired easy and probably will get frustrated easier too. I hope you can have fun and ask me questions when you needed to do so.

I did this composition by looking up a backview of a man, then I cut off one of his arm and make him hold a staff. Added some length to his hair and maybe lengthen his head a bit. Then changed the position and form of the feet and ankles to be more appropiate. No shoe , yes.

Probably should explain a bit why I can’t meet with my youtube friends. One very important reason is my daughter is very strict with me to not meet anyone. Since I started this channel I have gotten a lot more solicit from single men in my facebook. And I am so super busy that I have to pick and choose a lot what I want to do. But the house needs to be clean and grandchildren need to be visited. I hope you all understand and know that maybe in a world where things are safer, we will get together and have lots of fun. I have faith in that will happen.

Ok let’s talk about the color. Hair is sepia, maybe with a litte bit of black for the shadow. Staff is sepia too, we can drop a little green in it if we like. We use the background to bring our his rope. Rope is mainly payne’s gray with a bit of blue. The flesh is burnt sienna and burnt umber. Background is green mix, indigo, sap green prylene green. and the branches are burnt umber with a bit of black. love you all, hope you have fun painting this. And as you paint, maybe you can think of our Savior and Heavenly Father and their love for us. And hope that a few hours of quiet time painting and thinking of them will bring all of you peace. love you always, Kathy


  • Diane

    Thank you for the tutorial and the line drawing. After 5 years of not doing any art and having huge life changes, I like being able to follow along without having to come up with the drawing. Thank you!

  • Laurie

    HI Kathy,
    New to your channel on YouTube. This is one of the most amazing watercolors I have see anyone post. Thank you so much for the line drawing. I look forward to trying to follow the tutorial and paint this magnificent scene even though I am a complete newbe at watercolor 🙂 Bless you.

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