Raven Watercolor

Watercolor raven paint along demo tutorial. Happy Halloween

Hello my friends,

Thank you for coming over here to check out the post. the inspiration of this raven is from my raven friend in Yellowstone national park. I met this raven about two years ago and on the trail head of fairy fall. He was hoping along the parking lot there, and I watched him for a long time. Obviously he was run over by an RV, I said RV because there was a lot and they were huge, if a raven was around the wheel they would never know. So he did very well and was able to hop along and was as big as his friends. I am so proud of him and I saw him the next year. So we will talk about him in the video. Hope you can join me, pick up your brush and color and have fun with me, we chat and enjoy the process of learning together. I used some chinese ink to make sure the ink color is very dark, and I had a lot of fun. But if you don’t have chinese ink just used watercolor black, as black as you can find it. And it will be well. I just happened tohave lots of chinese ink around and decided to use them for fun. Do you guys like to go hiking in the fall? Going to Yellowstone is one of my favorite, the people there are very nice. I am hoping one day I can also go camping, I like the night, and walking around in the forest is just something hard to pass. So we are working on that, and hope maybe in a year or so we can do that. Camping is a lot cheaper and we can be right in the park.

Ok for the colors used. Chinese ink, lamp black, burnt umber for feet, little paynes’ gray here and there, thalo blue for the intensity and some blue purple. All the ways we used the color of course will be in the video. We will have detailed discussion on this. Backgroundi s fun too, I had a little time so I did that with you.

And as for future fun painting coming up. I finally took my old chinese rice paper out and started to paint. And I found it very interesting and will be doing that with you soon, the next video. And then we will translate what I painted in the chinese way into traditional western style watercolor. I think it will be a lot of fun and we will have a good time doing that. You will see a lot of very very good tips on seeing forms and shapes, we will see how it goes, it is how I learned to paint and draw i think it will be very fun for every one.

Have fun and pick up your brushes and paints and paint along with me. And I will see you soon in the next painting.

love, Kathy


  • Shirlee

    Dear Kathy, i am blessed to have found u on youtube. Your tutorials are so helpful and u thankfully take ur time and share techniques and thoughts. Thank you for sharing ur time and talent. My only suggestion might b for more closeups as u work and please no repeating of music. My sincere thanks, Shirlee

    • kathy

      Oh shirlee I am so glad you found us too and hope you stick around! About the music, I don’t have much choice I need it to cover my background noise and YouTube has bad selection that are short, I will turn volume lower how about that! I am frustrated too, my family is very musically inclined but I can’t use the music we have!!! Thank you for reaching out to me, have fun and try the tutorials!!! We can be friends!!!

  • Karen K

    Hello Kathy, I am newly retired and am beginning my journey of art! I am so thankful to have found you. I appreciate your clear tutorials, patience and willingness to share your talents with us. I look forward to learning and painting alongside you. Take care.

    • kathy

      Dear Karen welcome!!! So glad you joined us! Take your time really have fun painting along, enjoy the process and the end result will be worth it! Love Kathy

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