Watercolor fall mushrooms paint along tutorial

welcome everyone to this blog post. We are going tohave lots of fun painting this beautiful painting. Fall is upon us, and we can’t help ourselves but to feel and paint the colors around us. Where I lived, the foliage on the mountains are changing. So much lovely color, first the orange, then the yellow and then the crimson. We always have a feast watching and often takes our eyes off the road when driving. We can’t help but heed to the beckoning of the leaves, and go on hikes after hikes to feel the colors, experience the scent of the pine after the rain. And one thing I observed is very important, is the presence of brown and green , give the eyes a break and becomes a beautiful backdrop to the color of the fall. So we try to do a bit of that, we will never forget our greens right.

My husband and i went on a few hikes, and we also went up to Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is not a place of many fall foliage, but fall is when the weather is cooler , not as hot and the animals will come out. We saw two orange foxes, the really add to the fall feeling, at Lamar valley, and a bear at Dunraven Pass, those are the real highlight. We went on a hike for 11 miles round trip in a day, that really pushes our limits. On that hike, we saw an osprey circuling the air, and then descended upon an animal in the distance. We are very grateful we get to see that cause that was awesome. And then that was it, he took his food and disappeared into the tree, on our way home, I was hoping to see him again, but we concluded that he probably was taking a nap after his spoil. Seven years ago when we went with my sister, we sat down under a tree where the osprey lived, and we saw him on a tree. And this is the first time we got to visit again, and I was so hoping to see him. Seven years, this osprey maybe the descendent of the first one, we don’t know. But that area has a huge lake so it was a very good place for the bird. We also went up to Lamar valley to see another osprey nest but for that one we didn’t get to see much. Cars were going too fast and Imust have missed the spot. I don’t mind cause I will be back. No moose this time which is sad, but there were a lot of constructions, and the bisons were not very happy with the equipments you can tell. We looked at Pebble creek campground for a possible place to stay for camping RV, but we think it probably would not be open for year 2024. But grateful Mammoth will be open.

Ok let’s look at the color. I used Burnt Umber, soemtimes plus lamp black. Dark area behind the mushroom I used Indigo plus somethimes Payne’s gray. Same for shadows. Then some sap green mixed with sepia and yellow ochre , gently don’t mix too hard. also sap green with just yellow ochre. Quin burnt orange plus a bit of red, any red will do. Some red on the mushroom too to brighten it up. Cadm yellow medium or light for the bright part of fall leaves, and then of course my trusty old green mix. Indigo, sap green, pyrlene green, and cadm yellow med.

So I think those colors are quite standard, and i Hope you can find them easily. And also look at my products lists on this blog and I hope you have fun looking around. Keep those brushes wet and keep painting, you won’t regret it, it is so much fun. Have a lot of fun and please subscribe to me and say hi if you like. love you lots, thank you for the kinds words and encouragement. I love them.



    Kathy, what a charming painting! The warm colors are so inviting and gives it a real homey feeling. It will go perfect in my guest bedroom. Can’t wait tp get caught up with my projects so I’ll have the time to sit down and paint this. Thank you!

  • Kandace

    Hello Kathy:

    I just love listening to your voice and accent as you describe the painting. As a beginner in watercolor, I have learned so much in shadowing, paper, paint, and the effective use of brushes (I order several from the Chinese place you recommended). The dot and flow brushes are my favorites. I hope sometime you will paint a bamboo forest. I’ve used a whole sketch book trying to paint bamboo leaves. LOL!

  • Patty

    Hi Cathy, I always look forward to each new tutorial. This one turned out so nice I couldn’t wait to put it in a little frame. Thanks so much for your wonderful tutorials and I also love your commentary. I feel like I am sitting with you while I paint along. Keep well and can’t wait to see what you paint next.

  • Leticia Büchler

    Hi Kathy

    Wonderfull, just amazed how nice it turned. I love following your tutorials and I’m longing to tee more… Now I’m trying to paint objects with water, that turned much more difficult than I thought it would be. Can you give me some advices?

    Thanks a lot


    • kathy

      Hello Leticia, the crying process happened to almost everyone. Don’t worry about it, you can do it when you want. I did a lot too in the beginning. Walk away from my brushes for a while too. But as long as you keep going, it will come. You will learn to be familiar with your brush, how much water to wipe off, how wet your enivronment is. Like for example if you are painting outdoor, the moisture will be gone quicker than expected. Get to know your paper, hope you are using good ones, look at my product lists here and I have links to where you can find good one. Once you get a good paper, and brushes, and watercolor, also try to get some good ones, then you will go through the grinding process of battling with them, and one day they will submit to you and you win. Also one very important tip is do not try to mix color yourself too much, you can either use my combo of paint brand and color, which is also in the product lists, or you can come up with your own. And again with time they will all submit to you the master touch. Then you can be free to explore drawing etc. The opportunity to learn and conquer is vast in art. I used to draw leaves and circle and paint them, try all kinds of techniques, maybe that will be less overwhelming then to do a painting. But keep trying the painting because the challenge in there will help to bring us to reality that more practice is needed. And I will be there to share all that I know. Hey good luck and keep in touch , let me know.

  • Linda Wetsch

    Thank you Kathy for this awesome tutorial! I love the COLORS you chose! This is going in my kitchen! I love all your tips and tricks. I found some morel mushrooms to paint as well! Thank yoiu for sharing your talent. I have learned so much for your tutrials!

    • kathy

      Hello Linda, thank you so much. I am so happy you have found me. Yeah, and keep in touch and let me know how watercolor is going for you. Keep up the good vibes.
      love, Kathy

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