Watercolor bluish purple iris paint along tutorial demo. color dropping mostly one layer of color.

Hello all of my friends. Thank you for making to the blog post. Isn’t this purple Iris looks so fun. I promise it is very fun to paint with it too. It really is relatively easy , however also some challenge of dropping watercolor which is so fun to be able to do so.

Like I said in the video, I was down with Covid for so long. From the day my husband got it, I thought I did too cause I had a little fever for half a day. I was so happy that I thought that was what I got. I was so grateful for the vaccine, and am still grateful. So I let my guard down but my husband was really sick for two weeks. I was a bit worried why the vaccine didn’t work so well for him. And I think at the end of his two weeks, while he was still contagious he gave it to me, really, for real this time. I remembered having a very awful night sleep and then woke up with big sinus discomfort, and I was so positive with the at home test. And then it was fever for two day, and a lot of cough. Miracle was that I didn’t have to cough at night, find a way to manage that. However lots of nightmares so never did sleep so well for two weeks. And the amazing part was that I was so thirsty at night, even though I drink lots of water with electrolyte. I felt inflamed. But at the two weeks mark suddenly everything gone. Well actually I had a little bit of throat discomfort still, but my husband coughed for three weeks. So friends who is reading this, be careful cause I think the contagious period is at least two weeks, when you hear someone with a cough, please walk away far far away. Granted that I think this is a good one to get really, because the illness never got passed the throat. But I felt like one month of my life is gone, lol. I wanted to film, but I can’t talk for long. And had to cough a lot so I decided to not afflict you guys with listening to me cough. And very very tired all the time. I would say it is one of the more severe cold that I had ever got in my life, but very manageable after the feverish days. So don’t be nervous and afraid, I think you will be fine. I did stay away from my pregnant daughter and all the old people friends, didn’t go to church. Didn’t want to be a spreader. Cause you never know, but not too serious of a cold. Hopefully build up some immunity in me in case something bad happened. That is what happened to me. Sorry I missed so many weeks of posting, and you guys are so sweet to write me I really love you. It’s nice to know that one is missed. And I treasure our friendship more than I can express.

Ok, back to supplies. I guess I don’t need to talk about the brushes. Except I did try the detailed brush from the Chinese people. I like it ok, so the capacity is not too high in holding pigment, but as I always said, I don’t really expect a lot from brushes, I am grateful I have them, I may have my daughter put that brush on my product links. So grateful she did that, now you guys can just go click on the link and see what I use. Ok, color used are dioxizine purple and quin violet. With my green mix, indigo, prylene green, sap green, and cad yellow med. Some payne’s gray and little sepia for the paperish layer next to the bud.

I hope you guys have fun following along. And really any question feel free to ask me. I will try my best to help. I am already working on another panting to have it up hopefully next week. It ‘s fun to make videos again. I also have been doing some clothing update. That’s something I like to do for fun. And getting ready to take my daughter and her husband to graduate school which will happen soon. I like road trip and really love visiting new places. And will have a chance to see my grandchildren soon. Meanwhile you guys have a great summer and hopefully find time to keep up your watercolor and drawing learning. I hope to make another drawing video too. love you much, Kathy


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