Watercolor whale frolicking demo tutorial paint along

Hello my friends, thank you for making it here to my blog. And the drawing is up finally for you to use to paint along if needed. This is one of my favorite post of this whale, and I am happy with it. I especially like the atmosphere of under the sea, it is a bit more work and maybe at points unnerving, but it truly is good practice and after you try to do the background the best you can, you will see your skill will improve, any questions you can ask me here or at youtube. I do check and questions are still manageable so you can ask away while you can. Maybe one day I will have lots of questions but as of right now it is still very easy to answer them.

I am liking this little period of summer to do some art of ocean life, I think it will be too cold for my liking in the winter. And when fall hits we will be in the mood of sunflowers and pumpkins and spooky night, so I will probably do at least another ocean art, so stay tune for those to come. I have always liked whales, such majestic and big animals for us to understand. If you have seen them anywhere I would love to know about that. It is one of my goal to someday make it to somewhere to see them, as for now I just have to watch all the ocean life on instagram and youtube to enjoy them. I am sort of afraid of the deep ocean, I know I won’t survive if I fall in, so pretty much quite nervous. I did swim out to the floatie when I was young, but my father was with me, he was actually carrying my little sister, I will talk about that in my next ocean painting. Lately I am not too good about working in the story am I, I have lots to want to tell you guys, I guess it’s just a phrase I felt like I need to talk about every steps. But family is still good to talk about. So I will make a note to explain something about our life in Hong Kong a bit this coming up painting.

The colors used here are Indigo, royal blue( or any other dark blue that are more on the red side), some paynes gray, and some black if you want to intensify the deep color. The little orange fish are cadm red medium and mix a bit of cadm yellow med to get an orange color that you like. I like orange fish next to the big blue, but you can actually look around and put your own touch on it right? And I seperated the indigo from royal blue for the background and added turquoise on it, it is quite clear what I did with the color, love turquoise so much in water. Next year we may have a chance to go to Florida and I will be able to see ocean in the south. The ocean in Oregon is very cold and dark, and Hong Kong is very dirty because of the population, so I am quite looking forward to see some turquoise blue water as my older daughter told me, the florida beaches are wonderful. I personally do not like hot weather but I guess right next to beach will be good for me. I will let you know how it goes. Daughter is going to U of Florida with her husband getting a phd, so that is why I will go down and visit. I am not quite a traveler but a lot of time there are chances open up to me and I will go if needed. I mainly like to go to Hong Kong or Asia, and then mostly yellowstone. When you have a chance go visit my instagram also sunset peonies, and you will see some reel of me sketching in yellowstone, that was kind of fun. I got lots of mosquitoes bites this time, probably won’t go in July again. If I remember I will tell you some of the experience.

Thank you for coming to visit , have a fun time painting, have a nice soda while painting maybe the experience will be even more fun. Meanwhile keep painting and enjoy the experience of learning. Love you guys very much, thank you so much for your support. love, Kathy


  • Danica Shepherd

    So beautiful- very lovely art!

    What is the brush you are you using for the finer detail? It looks nice and flexible-

    Thank you!

    • kathy

      Thank you! I think I used the fine detail from oriental art supply! I will put a link on this blog on the product category so you can go take a look! It’s quite tricky to use it, must get the watercolor in right consistency, fine detail brush are hard! Since this one is Chinese brush it’s quite inexpensive! You can see if you like it! I will use it again on my next video maybe I will talk about it more! Thank you for visiting here!!!

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