Watercolor lilac bush demo tutorial paint along

Hello my friends thank you for coming here checking this painting out. In utah we have our share of lilac bushes, they seemed to grow well here. Must be the long winter. My husband and I love to go on walks at BYU campus, and they have two varieties. The popular lilac color one and the other one which is violet with white trim. I hae to confess I do sometimes take a clipper to cut a sprig or two, just to take it home to enjoy. But sadly they don’t last very long after they are cut. But it really lights up the house which is other wise quite dull before the blooming of peonies. I just love the way the branches are, so I have to include them in the painting. It is my experience that sometimes we have to very prolific ones and in my neighborhood, the lilac tends to be kind of sparse. And in the video I talked about my bush, which is growing on the south slope of our property and it is a wild one coming from our neighbors. Now is full of green and it does have some blossoms , not a lot but enough for me to enjoy. I usually watered the peonies and inevitablily would water the lilac bush. And another one is growing even furthur down the slope, I am excited for that one to mature in a few years. I have nourished this one bush of mine now for more than 10 years. It is sometimes kind of romantic to think about how life goes on so quickly. A decade of time comes and goes. My two daughters are married now, but my bush of lilac is still with me. I hope the bush is happy with the service I render it. I would go out to look at them and think about the past, and happy about the present and look forward to the future. I have accumulated quite a few peonies bushes too. They are all doing quite well, and my neighbors are very happy to receive them as presents when they are in bloom. I loved to share them and think about the smiles of my neighbors. And I sometimes wondered if they will still be here when I am gone. I know the lilac bush will certainly be here. It is quite awesome that sometimes our flowers out lived us. I have a dear friend in the neighborhood I used to go enjoy seeing her peonies, she has been gone for two years now. And her peonies are still blooming. I don’t know the new owner of the house, but it is quite a romantic period in spring to think about my friend, and how she used to cut her peonies and bring them to church and give them to people that would be cheered up by the flowers. Isn’t it nice to share, the joy is multiplied and we make friends. Peonies is actually quite a pouty flowers, they don’t like to be disturbed. So is lilac. But once they are established they are very good. Bring so much joy into people’s life.

Ok the colors used. Quin violet , Ultramarine pink if you have it not neccessary as you can hear my explain why in video. Dixo purple. My green mix for foliage, prylene green, indigo, cadm yellow light, sap green. Branches, burnt umber and black.

I hope you will try this one out for the abstract and spontaneous of this painting. A lot of decision is made right on the spot. JAs with the drawing, I try my best to give you an outline, but with this style of painting, you can have fun with changing as you go. And you can also make the painting bigger and fuller too if you are having fun. I really like this style of watercolor and hope you do too. Now that the peonies is at the end of its season, the summer will be a little duller inside. I love cutting flowers from my own garden. Do you guys have your own garden? Do you go to the store to get flowers. I seldom do that because of the short life of flowers from the store. But I am not opposed to getting flowers though. I hope you have a fun time enjoying summer and stay happy and safe. See you soon.


  • robin sabourin

    Hello! Watching and painting to your videos every day. Got the Mei Liang pallett you suggested until I improve . Having trouble making your favorite green with this pallett can you tell me which colors I should mix to acheive it, please?

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