Watercolor magnolia paint along tutorial demo. We will do a few blossoms this time, a good chance to try overlapped them a bit. I gave some tips on watching out the shapes and lines so to be sure the form is correct. HAVE FUN and lets get started.

Hello friends, thank you for stopping by here. I am so glad I can do this video for you. The painting is a bit involving, but you can do it. Just remember to pause and don’t rush, take your time and maybe watch it through once first. The color are easy to come by as with most of my painting. I hope you have fun and say hi and let me know how it goes. Also with my blog post I tend to just chat with you about things a bit longer. My daughter told me that google liked to have over 750 words, so if I am a bit chatty you know why. But it’s a good chance for me to chat.

First I wanted to let you know about the happy dot brush that I called my trusty chinese brush. Thank you for Laina who is one of my subscriber, she found it on Amazon for us. It is so reasonably priced so I ordered one, and I still haven’t received it yet, but I am sure it is coming. Ok my daughter just came down to put the link for you guys. I wondered after she is gone to Florida if I can do that again myself. If I can’t you know I try, I am just old and a bit of not too savvy with tech stuff. But since she is so tech savvy, she can help me remote anytime, and I do have a husband who is quite tech savvy, but grumpier, but very helpful too. If my daughter is here, he felt he doesn’t need to lift a finger to help, lol, they are all very sweet people and I will try to do a good job helping. And in that link you can see other brushes too. Now if you are one who loves to buy stuff to try, you can try the best combination and magnolia, or the flow, but don’t touch those others because they are harder and very narrowed in their usefulness. You have seen me almost use my happy dot from start to finish. Also if you like to do bigger painting, you need bigger brush, happy dot is not your brush for big painting. You might want to try some squirrel brush because they can take a lot of pigment or water. Like I said, I am just a brush user, and I have very very great respect for the brush makers, who might have been generations of brush makers in their family. So I don’t question them or dare suggest anything or even create something, I am grateful for their skills and the little bit of money they can make from this, and I will happily go on with using these brushes and grateful they are actually available to me. I told in one of my video, when I was a missionary, I came upon a family with the man of the household a brush maker. He had his big table in his little apartment that occupied most of the living room, and was making brushes. I was so happy he invited me and my companion, I think her name is sister grasley, and he talked to us about his brush making and we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. He never did invite us back to see him, but I had a lot of fun. Watching someone with such humble living making great brushes, I valued that experience and still can remember it today. I had my brushes for over 15 years, I am a daily painter, so I am considered a heavy user. And they hold out so beautifully. Just don’t use them for acrylics or anything else other than water and watercolor paint and just remember to clean them all at the end of the day. I lay them flat to dry and next day I use them again.

Link to Happy Dot Brush

Ok the colors I used are quin violet for shadows and magenta for the main blossoms, also occasionally use some Payne’s gray and violet mix for some of the back petals. And for the leaves that support the flowers I used quin violet mix with green like sap green and maybe some Prylene green, (Prylene is a darker tone of green that doesn’t have much blue in it, so a little lighter than Indigo.)The background colors are indigo and sap green and prylene green, with suggestion of blossoms either using Quin violet or Magenta, quin violet is a red violet. The branches are mainly sepia and wash, you can drop some magenta in the branches, I just forgot. I think those are all the color I used. Pretty easy to find.

Tonight I am going to a book review on Death comes to pemberley, Maybe we can talk about books in our painting too. I love to read and love to talk about books. I don’t read a lot of the very trending books, I like to read older books, and going to library and walk up and down the isle to scan for books is one of my favorite. I am a real nerd. Magnolia blossoms are at their last leg, so go out and enjoy them, I love staring at trees and flowers, so refreshing to our soul, I hope you are enjoying some of the spring good weather. I will see you soon. And of course a drawing of the outline will be included here.

love, Kathy


  • Kathy

    I’m working on white lilies right now, and I’ve ordered some magenta and other colors to use for the magnolia painting! Can’t wait for my new supplies to get here, as I think the magnolia painting is SO beautiful! I just discovered you a few days ago, and am very much loving your blog!

    • kathy

      Welcome Kathy! So glad you found us here! I have lots of plans for more videos to paint along! Magenta is a very good color to buy, I know you will love it! Keep me updated on your paint along! Thank you!

  • Lori

    Thank you for this one. I love magnolias and really enjoyed painting this. I think my use of water is improving with each painting. So glad you are posting new videos for me to try.

    • kathy

      Hi Lori, so happy you are doing well! It’s true isn’t it, more practice and you’ll get better no matter what! I am very happy making video more to come this week!

    • kathy

      Hello thank you for visiting here! Thank you for book marking me and I hope one day you have some time to paint along! I have to admit it’s a lot of effort yes, luckily I am doing what I loved it’s very good for me to do this! I made a lot of friends here it’s quite rewarding!!! Have a very good day! Let me know when you try love to hear back from you!

  • Wendy

    Oh my Kathy….. You have such a gentle and caring way of teaching watercolor. I’m so thrilled with finding your tutorials. I have just placed an order for brushes, hoping to receive them soon. I’m currently painting this Magnolia tutorial, it brings me joy and happiness. I can’t seem to find what paper you use, so I’m trying cold press, have also done the tulip on hot press. Please keep these youtube video’s coming. Looking forward to painting them all. Cheers … Wendy from Canada

    • kathy

      Thank you, definitely more videos to come! I am so glad you enjoyed my style of teaching! Let me know how practicing with me goes!!! Have a happy holiday!!!

  • Liz

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I am painting this for my sister. I loved reading about your experience when you were a missionary. Where did you serve? I didn’t serve a mission but both of my sons have; one to California and the other to Alaska. I am excited to do more of your tutorials. I put my art aside for awhile but have picked it all back up again and am loving your site and youtube channel. Thanks again.

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