watercolor white poinsettias with berries watercolor paint along tutorial

welcome everyone thank you for visiting this paint along. I think you will have lots of fun. This is a relatively straight forward painting, if you are looking for more textures on the leave , please go check out the poinsettias in pink in my youtube channel or find the post here is fine too. That one is a bit longer because we were trying to accomplished the bubble effect of the leaves, this one, the leaves are a bit more flat. So we can focus a lot of time on the background I like them both and hope you do too.

I hope everyone is having a good time getting ready for the holiday. This year my two daugthers and their families are coming to visit. We have so many babies I am so excited. I love the older kids too, they are just very affectionate and delightful. My granddaughter that is 3 is asking for books, how cute is that. I have been playing Minecraft with the little ones, and I got a lot of minecraft presents for them, oh I hope the parents are ok with it. Being a grandma is the best, they learned to trust and love you. And I just can’t help spoiling them so much

My electronics are giving me a big headache, I promised to put the cute photograph that I took at the end of the video, it is not going to happen. The airdrop is just not responding. My husband had thought of a way I can keep doing this, but I will have to jump through hoops. But I still think iphone really have very good camera , so I am going to keep using it to film. Don’t worry, lots of fun still coming

Ok color used. Sap green and prylene green for the leaves, cadm red med plus light yellow for berries, I also drop in some alizarian crimson, but you can find a medium red and a dark red should be good. And the background might have some burn umber added, and a little paynes gray to intensify some darker area to bring out the white. If you guys want to see the brush I used and colors , I have a product I used list here, go click around and see if you like them, it will also help me to make some money if you do. But no pressure, I am not into making people spend money.

Do try not to mix color too much on the palette, try to mix on the paper or even the brush, this way it is easier and better and cleaner. Do your best, it will come with time, don’t be afraid to try.

Ok I hope all the equipment will work properly soon, thank you so much for being my friends, I love you saying hi and I will try to respond best I can. Have a good holiday time with your loved ones. There should be another one coming soon, stay tuned.

love, Kathy


  • Mary MacDonald

    Merry Christmas, Kathy! I want you to know that I’ve painted all three of your poinsettias for my Christmas cards this year. My friends and family love them. Of course, they’re not as nice as yours but, evidently, good enough.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible talent!
    May the New Year bring you Joy, Peace and Good Health.

  • susie

    I just noticed while watching the introduction to your white peony painting that you have a new painting with a chickadee (?) with background painting that you recommended we look for. I can’t find it and would love to try it. I am always watching for your newest watercolors to learn from ! Please let me know how to find it. Thanks.

  • Pat McD

    Do you use anything to preserve your paintings? I was told watercolor will fade over time. I paint my own birthday/0ccaion cards and would like to preserve them.

  • Sandy

    Dear Kathy.
    I enjoy you so much, your kind sweet voice .
    I do hope that you are not still suffering from your sickness.
    I send prayers for your healing.
    I discovered your wonderful tutorials.
    I miss you.
    Sandy in Montana

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