Watercolor pink hydrangea paint along tutorial

Hello everyone foe coming here. I hope you are trying to paint with me on this painting, it’s very enjoyable, and hopefully easy to follow along. Try not to go same speed as me. I usually have already painted one of this to practice so it’s not as hard as first time. Just pause and follow again. It is so much fun we can do that. I seriously think this is the best way to learn watercolor. You can be comfortable and follow along, no hurry, catch everything or else just go back and re watch things. I hope you really have fun here and have lots of success.

Summer is almost over, actually tomorrow is first day of class for all the students in our area. So all the parents are a little stressed and buying clothing etc for the children. It is fun to see everywhwere packed with people shopping. Not for my daughter this year. She has decided to home teach for children for a few years. I didn’t ever imagine she would do that. But she is disappointed with the school system. On their first day which was yesterday this week, she actually baked cookies and have sandwiches for lunch with them. I saw a pic on fb. I am so proud of her. And I really hope she has good luck. And I told her I would help her with making video on teaching children how to draw. I am busy but I can make time to do that. Maybe one day I will release those video to youtube. I guess the reason is I think about drawing and painting a lot. So I actually could teach children. I know how to start from basics, and help their little mind to see what they need to see. I will update you guys here on how that goes and hope maybe one day that would be a successful channel too. Meanwhile I am very happy with this channel. And I am delighted with your feedback and support and kindness here.

AS far as the plant world is concerned, lot of sunflowers are in their prime right now, and I guess the hydrangeas are loving the heat here in Utah. But I am delighted to see so many plants doing well. My house mainly is the peonies during spring, and then I am very afraid of heat. This year we had been so busy going to visit children that we hardly had a chance to plant annuals. And then we decided to do construction on our property. We are just building a stone wall. We are very happy finally I don’t have to bother with the slope anymore. The soil are just so hard to keep up and keep tidy. So many things happened and I got sick and that was bad. I guess I explained all that in my video. So I hope I can just focus on doing more video cause I love them. And hope you guys will actually paint along with me. Whenever I made video, even though I don’t see you I still feel that I am talking to my friends so everything is easy and happy. I am very relaxed. What are you guys doing for this summer. Yesterday and the day before was the metoer shower so we went out at night, told a folding chair and watched the sky, so happy and fun. No big moon this year so a lot of fun. The summer one is not as good as the winter meteor shower, we are thinking of staying somewhere overnight to watch it, hope it comes to pass. Do you guys watch the meteor, as I said I felt old and need to go to sleep before midnight. And 2am was the peak so each year I missed the peak. I try to enjoy as much as I can before midnight. My husband and I are planning on going to camping from now on, so we can stay up a bit later. It was so fun to see the milky way too. So much fun out there. And the night air is cooler and very quiet at that hour. We were able to find a construction site that had poured cement on already, so we can just sit on the cement. Nice and clean and not one mosquito bite may I say. I love to watch stars , it makes me think of our Heavenly Father and his love for us. I can’t help it. You feel so close to God gazing up into the night sky. I hope you guys find the time to do it. I try to convince my daughters and it was hard with children needing to sleep early.

Ok about the color used. Quin violet, Magenta, Dioxizine purple, my green mix. I think that is it for this painting, so much fun. And brushes I used you can find links on the products I used list, I hope you go take a look.

Hey more painting are coming and I hope you stick around to have fun. Meanwhile keep your brush wet and I will see you very soon.


  • Cheryl Gerrior

    Hi Kathy, I’m so happy that you are feeling better. I wanted to tell you that your work is absolutely amazing! I “found” you just when I needed you the most and working along on your tutorials has made a huge improvement in my art and my attituded. Thank you thank you

  • Marla Hart

    I just found your website and tutorials. I am very excited to learn techniquies and how to’s. I retired in Hanuary and my husband sent me to my first class. I have not stopped! This is my first attempt to drawing and painting. I never have painted before. I so look forward to learning.
    Marla from South Carolina

  • Margaret

    Hello Kathy,

    Loved having ago at the hydrangea, I am only just starting to learn how to watercolor. Have also tried the dragonfly and robin. You explain so well , l love hearing about your adventures along the way . Glad you are now feeling better, am looking forward to your next tutorial.

    Margaret ( England )

  • Riekasim

    I am looking forward to all your tutorials, Kathy. I have painted along with you as well. I started painting about a year ago and find your blog extremely helpful and followable. Sometimes though, I can’t tell which of the petal you are colouring because of the faint pencil marking..but no worries, I created my own. Where do I send my version of your painting for you to see?

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