Eucalyptus watercolor clipart style paint along thank you card tutorial Calligraphy tutorial

This eucalyptus watercolor is relatively easy to follow. We can focus on softness of the green leaves and a touch on how to push back an image by adjusting color intensity. A touch of gold paint to offset the green hue and fun variety of shapes can help the painting to balance ans hopefully create a pleasing piece for your use. I did a little calligraphy of thank you, but you can certainly put in any message you like. The beauty of doing designs yourselves. When you’re done you can scan this into your computer and use any software to crop and print it on any card stock you like. I make my own greeting cards for years now and my friends always love a homemade design card. I hope you have fun. All the colors I used I showed in video. I will list the name of the gold color I used below. I welcome feedback and suggestions and very much love for you to leave me a note.

Mozart Art Komorebi watercolor paint set 6 classic metallics (gold paint I used is one of the six color) thank you.

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