Watercolor spring bird paint along

Spring green bird watercolor paint along demo tutorial. Creating from experience and memorial

Hello my friends!!!! How are you all doing today? This is the second bird to the spring birds on a branch. I actually had so much fun doing both birds two times, once when I designed and painted the original painting of the two birds together, which is now available in my shop here, and once to separate them and made two videos. It is much easier for video sake. Because it wouldn’t be too hard to upload or I have to go do laundry and fix dinner and when I came back to check, Youtube would barely be done with uploading. I enjoyed also doing them over a few days of time too. All in good fun.

In this painting , very similar to the previous one, I design and drew the bird from memory and experience, I quite like that. And I liked how they turned out. In the Chinese painting discipline, we had to learn a lot of different bird posts. Because birds are very active and full of personalities in the Chinese paintings, my husband said sometimes they looked down right mean. Which is very true. Chinese art loves the actions and real personalities, I guess when a group of birds are fighting for food, they probably can be very mean. A few years back I had a bird feeder in my backyard among the oaks, we have some very dense oaks in our backyard going down into a gulley. I had take it for granted how noisy the birds are out there. We have at least four to five birds present at all time, and they fight a lot. I often worried about them waking my husband up in the morning, because most of the noise that we heard really suggested fighting. But once a while, when the biggest birds are well fed and they left, I might hear a very pretty song out there, but not so often, maybe once or twice a year. But one day I came home from shopping and I heard the sound of silence outside, which was awkwardly strange to me. It sounded very unreal. So I looked out and saw a big hawk sitting on one of the branch, and there was no birds in sight, just him quietly sitting there. And he sat there for a good half an hour, either waiting for the smaller birds to come back, or just resting I supposed. I think I took a pic of him too, but all I had was a lousy old phone, and it really was a little far to get a good shot. But I was very happy to be able to see the hawk. And of course he left and soon after the fighting assumed in the backyard. I know I told you this before, since we have some very vicious cat around the neighborhood I have not seen any squirrels, maybe I can once a while give them some bird seeds and maybe hope to see some beautiful bird visit again. I truly like them. And maybe sometimes I can also do some different active pose of birds too. But we will see. On this channel I really want to patch more simple composition so it will not be too hard for you guys to paint along. And we can really do some very beautiful painting even the pose is simple. Maybe I can just do active pose of birds for fun for me sometimes.

All the different colors I used I told you as I paint, but I will include the list, Payne’s gray, indigo, cadmium yellow light, Magenta, sap green and thalo green, just a little burn sienna and magenta mix for the feet, and Sepia for the tree branches.

We went to the museum for some Monday night family fun. It was fun everytime we go. I saw someone actually sit down and sketch Karl Bloche, she looked like she was very focused. I certainly would love to go sketch sometimes too. Going to museum is really a treat, our museum really mainly has oil paintings. It would be nice be it gets more donations. I just missed the French posters, do you guys like one propaganda posters , I think they are beautiful. Maybe I can go through some of the books I saw in the library with you guys sometimes. Currently working on dragonfly for the next video, hope to have that done too. Meanwhile you guys all have a very good day, and hope you enjoy this little bird and look around my blog. I will see you guys next time.



  • Anna

    Another brilliant fun instruction! thank you for being there for us.
    Love your birds and cherry blossoms and cant wait for the dragon fly

  • Katy

    Hello Kathy. I just found your wonderful artwork, immediately subscribed and am absolutely loving watching you paint so beautifully, and enjoying every sooooh interesting minute of your vocabulary and tutorials. You are a wonderful artist and a lovely person and I feel that I have known you for a long time. Thank you so much for giving up so much of your time to us all, and I look forward to all your future work. Thank you Kathy.

    • kathy

      Your message is so kind, I am so glad you joined us here and have lots of fun with art! Let me know how things go with painting! Thank you so much!

  • Pamela Burks

    Hello Kathy, been following you for almost year now, and your my favorite to paint along with so please need change. I’m fairly new to painting and can’t afford the $ for classes right now. My precious mothers help me buy a few things so I can learn. One day I’m gonna get me a happy dot paint brush too. Ty for all the demos you do and know I pray for you and your family often.
    I’ve painted about 12 of your paintings now, I always say its your copy too.

  • Jess

    I love this so much! I don’t paint but want to know how I could purchase a print of one of your paintings! A friend lost a little one and birds remind her of her little girl. Would love to provide a piece of your art if possible.

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