Watercolor snowdrops paint along tutorial demo

Hello my friends, how are you doing? I am excited to share this snowdrops painting with you. It is a very simple green color painting, we get to practice painting white flowers. And we will do it again when we paint the strawberries which is coming very soon. Since a lot of us love white flowers, it is very good for us to practice. We are mainly just painting where we think the shadows are. Snowdrops are such cool flowers, they are not only very pretty, they are also very tough, coming up from the snow and icy ground, against all the hardest conditions they will push their way up. I know sometimes, when we are trying to lean something or become better, we felt like we are pushing against the icy ground too. But we hope that we don’t give up, and as we put in the time and effort, slowly but surely we will come up and shine and will eventually proudly displace our happiness as we accomplished what we set out to do. I hope I can give you a push on the value of practice and not giving up. Just keep at it with your painting and learning, and meanwhile be happy we are able to have the chance to do so, and one day we will do very well. I am certainly counting on it too myself.

I try to draw them with their petals fanning out a bit, so they would look more like fairies. In the video I think I talked about how when I was young I like to look close to the ground for insects and fairies inside bushes. I would have loved to see this plant. However I think Hong Kong is too hot and too tropical for this particular plant. But they sure look like fairies dancing to me. Giving out many good wishes from the fairyland. I have included a rough drawing if you care to trace and paint with me.

The color are payne’s gray, Prylene Green, little sap green, little indigo for the darkest value, and some sepia for the ground. Very nice and simple painting. Simple color to use so we can focus more on the tonal value, how to deepen the darkest area and create some illusion of depth. Also some practice on negative painting. That mainly would be the grassy area, it’s fun right, you will find it not too hard as you follow along.

I went to the LDS temple this week and the flowers are not doing well at all. You can tell they are burnt and suffering from the dry winter here in Utah. How are you guys in the neck of your woods? Are the flowers already blooming? Even the tree flowers are having hard time. We are going to have a hard year this year with all the vegetations. I would like to go up to Salt Lake city to the Red Butte garden to look at some flowers. My tulips are coming out though, it is still very cold here at night so we can water them yet, as the ground may still be very frozen. Maybe tomorrow I go out with a stick to test out the ground. If I can stick a stick in the ground then at least I can bring some water out for them. I have some very exotic tulips out there, a friend bought me some from this place called Thanksgiving Points. They import tulips from Holland and charge general public about 25 dollars to go in for a week I think. After the display they usually sell the bulbs and I was lucky enough to get about 3 kinds and it took about 10 years for them to finally do well. I have to fight with the squirrels, they think I put something yummy in the ground for them. And they eat the whole bulb, nothing left. However I have learned to cover the ground in the winter with netting I get from Lowe’s. It served to fan off the squirrels, in the spring the deers will have hard time eating the tip off the tulips, and the netting also prevent my neighbor’s cats from using our garden as their sand box. Haha, I think that was time well spent. This spring I will use some bricks and build another garden box on the side of the house because we have an area the sprinkler is having a hard time getting it wet, so I will take some pictures and hopefully will have a fun display of annuals at least this year.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have fun and keep in touch with me. love, Kathy


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