Watercolor owl with aspen paint along demo tutorial

Hello my friend, we meet again. I have been just outside enjoying the very fine weather. This fall Utah decided to give us some rain, which keeps the burden of watering off of me. I am a farmer by hobby, actually very aware of what is happening in the weather. And now it is towards the end of september, the trees on the mountain are turning red and orange, it is a wonderful site. And the mountain and forest are beckoning us to go hiking. I really hope you guys love to go hiking. Hiking is almost like going to a museum with our Master Painter, which is our Savior, as the artist. I just love every tree and leaves, rocks, flowers decay, all made up hundreds and hundreds of good paintings, with great compositions. Sometimes I have to restrain myself from pointing out every beautiful scene to my husband, just let him enjoy and discover himself right. IT is also the time of the year where we should go sketching, with markers and watercolor and sketchbooks, it is my dear wish to make it out. Life is very busy for me, but also very happy. I don’t like to sit still, and as you can see, I make work for myself so I can be busy and challenged. But this time of the year, time has to be made to go do the quiet thing like sketching, I will update you guys to see if that is going to happen to me. The wind is blowing hard outside the window, a rain storm is coming in, and I will be out there smelling the fresh clean air after. This time of the year, the rain will hasten the riping of vegetable gardens. I have not gotten any free zucchini outside my house yet. I love cooking this zucchini tomato pork dish, it’s most wonderful and enjoyable. I could really start a youtube channel on cooking, but get to pick and choose right, can’t do everything lol. My daughters also pick up the love of cooking , my oldest actually fermented her own ketchup, she is super adventurous, we are strong believers of nourishing traditions, by eating good old fashion good and nicely prepared meals and food, we nourish our body. Most important for the years when women are bearing children, the importance of vitamin K and A, fat soluble, for the health of the teeth, and hypothalamus. I strongly recommend anyone who is reading this to look into that.

This owl, the reference and design I will talk about in the video. A little bit on how to design our own painting, so we never have to run into copy right problems, I am a big believer of that. We got to dig into our own brain and heart, to create things that is totally our own, we can learn more about ourselves and be honest with people out there who create things too. I am very happy with this owl. I just ran to the print shop to pick up the giclees, they are beautiful, we have a very very good giclee print shop here, close to the university because of all the artists. I felt very blessed, and I am going to thrift or buy frames and bring joys to my families and neighbors with children, I know they will love it and its so fun to share with them.

The color used here are Black, burnt umber, quin burnt orange, yellow ochre , white, sepia, paynes gray. Also my regular green mix of indigo, cadm yellow medium, pyrlene green and sap green. Almost always the same color but the thing we can create with them is limitless. I talked about the brush I used in the video, same brushes, just get used to them they will be your best friends. It will be nice to watch the process once, so you won’t be flustered as you set your paint brushes on paper, that is my suggestion. I didn’t really paint the leave part with you guys and I hope you can look at what is on the final painting and work that out.

I hope you all have fun, this really is a fun painting. Let me know how it goes and questions. I have a lot of fall idea coming forth as videos, I hope I can do most of them. And I hope you enjoy coming here, remember to keep painting, that’s where all of the skills will be developed, and as we made mistakes, we also learn, it’s great part of life. So buy lots of paper and not worry about it, it is improvement and learning to our soul, it is well worth the time and investments. love you all, see you in the next painting. love, Kathy


  • Laurie

    Thank you, thank you! I am a beginner and have now tried your this owl, the poppies and the clematis. You are easy to follow and I am impressing my friends. love your paintings!

    • kathy

      Thank you Laurie for trying out! I try to find subjects that can be followed! I am so glad you I read your friends! More practice will improve skills! I hope you keep having fun !!!

  • Cindy Simons

    I just discovered you! Love your style of watercolor painting. One thing I have noticed is when I do find the sketches, they are not set up to be printed off for use. Is there a specific way to do this?

    • kathy

      So they are not. Maybe someone here will see this comment and offer some assistance. I am very very bad at setting anything up. I was surprised I went that far lol. My daughter once said something about print screen, or my solution is holding up a thin paper to a monitor. Let me see if my daughter can help out and I will pass this on to her. Maybe she can give some suggestion. I am thinking of cutting some watercolor paper and trace my own copy in pencil and sell them in my blog. But if no one is interested I won’t do that. So stay tune and hope she can answer you soon.

    • Rachel

      Hi Cindy, what I would do is right click on the image, then click “Open Image in New Tab”. That should pull up the image by itself. Then what you can do is go to the menu in the top right of your browser window and print that whole page. I hope this helps!

  • Charlene

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, Kathy. I’m new to watercolor painting. I fell in love with your owl and learned so much as I followed along and painted. I appreciated all the details you gave about each step. I appreciate you taking so much time to help us newcomers ❤️

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