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Hello my friends. Thank you for coming to this post. This is a very fun painting on a little lamb. On Palm Sunday I saw a post from one of our Church leader, he had this painting with his quote on the love of the Savior and he will go and rescue every single one of his sheep. Do you know that sheep really recognize the voice of their shepherd, they have a very good relationship. I mentioned a little bit about Jacob of old in the Bible being a shepherd himself. It is really a fun story to know about a little bit about the story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel. I hope you enjoy the story. I painted the queen anne lace green in color, sometimes I just have an idea to paint something, and then I am sort of stuck, and so when the time comes we paint the queen anne lace we will do them in white. I love queen anne lace, I have never seen one in person yet. I will go far and wide to hopefully see some someday. In our mountain her in Utah we have Cow’s parsnip, they are sort of similar, but not as delicate. I have sketched them once on my hike here long time ago. It was fun, the hiking path was about one person wide, and I just sit down and start drawing. I think I had to get up once or twice to let people passed, but deep in the mountain sometimes we hardly seen anyone. I think I am getting a little better and more comfortable at sketching outdoor, need to do that more often, and one thing I want to do is to go to neighbor’s house and do more of their flowers. I have become very busy lately, I love busy. Just need to organize my time a little bit better. I have tried to not go to social calls as much, but it is hard, maybe I can cut something else out.

It is very good practice to draw, because as we draw we pay a lot more attention to everything. Especially how to convey shapes and forms, I love drawing. It is very enjoyable to me. I have a equipment that makes doing proportion a little easier, I hope I have a chance to show you. I also have a sketchbook that is filling up, I would love to show that to you too. I don’t know if that is something that you are interested in seeing. I hope you would let me know if you are. I used to have time to do junk journal because I think they are very pretty, and I used to draw on paper folded to sew into journals, I would like to show that to you guys too. It looks like it is enough to actually make a video, but as for now I really would like to make more painting video, have a lot of them so you guys can pick what you want to try maybe a very good thing. In the video I showed you the two drawing practices that I did before the actual video, I practice a lot on everything. As you can tell I try not to make mistake while doing the video. I am not very good at editing, so it is important for me to have a run through before the real thing. I went through a lot of watercolor paper later, but it is well worth it. I have changed from Arches watercolor paper to Stonehenge, with my style of painting it works great. Stonehenge is a bit thinner, but I think it is very well made and I love it. The reason for the change is when I scan a painting, stonehenge somehow showed up a lot more brilliant for making prints. Arches create shadows for some reason.

Ok the color used, sepia on the lamb and maybe a little indigo and payne’s gray for the shadow. The ground color is indigo and payne’s gray, Queen Anne lace are sap green and indigo, especially the atmosphere underneath them are indigo. The purple clover flowers are quin violet plus magenta. Brushes used will be in the video, but for you just use your most comfortable ones, and have a few of them with different size so you can see what is best for you.

Thank you friends for stopping by, I hope you all have a great Easter, hope the kids don’t get too sick. My granddaughter ate a tub of Nutella, her mom was not looking. I guess kids can take a lot of chocolate and candies, it would kill me if it were me. I hope you plan lots of egg hunts, and remember our Savior , his betrayal, trials, and Atonement in the garden of Gethsemane, afterwards the crucifixion and resurrection all happened this week. It was a very hard week for Him but of course he triumphant over all and make resurrection and eternal life possible for all of us. I am very grateful for Him, and my own rescue by Him. We all matter to Him. This I testify in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

See you next time


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