Watercolor white lily paint along tutorial

Hello my friends, hey thank you for coming here to say hi. How are you? spring is truly here except we have snow day after mothers day. I understand we need the moisture so i am very grateful. Are you a cold person or a hot weather lover? i am definitely a cold lover. When it is extremely hot I get depressed, like when I was walking up and down Singapore, I seemed to not be able to handle that very well. Where I grew up in Hong Kong, summer was so hot, but as soon as fall arrived I was happy so happy. So this cold spring weather is nice for me, get to wear my coats a little longer. But still it is May and we need to go fix a flower bed, actually starting tomorrow. I may put a pic here for you guys to see. And so the first traditional Peonies is getting ready to bloom, still need I think couple of weeks. Too bad it is so complicated a flower to paint in a small painting to do it justice, and hopefully one day I will blow it up on a bigger piece of watercolor paper. Meanwhile so busy getting fun things on youtube and all the social media. I set out to create this blog and my channel so I can get a little bit more famous, it is good to expose my art out there, I am hoping it is achieving that, hopefully youtube will get more subscribers soon, I am not really anxious about it, but it is very nice to see the numbers go up. I posted one of my quick sketch on instagram and got lots of good responses, I guess people do like to see sketches. I am planning something for my youtube channel very soon, I hope you guys will like them and support me in this new thing, I guess just liking them and subscribe will be very nice to me. I am working out the format and how to do it and what is more pleasing. And waiting for my daughter to help me too. It is so nice she is finally done with school and heading for another chapter of her life with her husband. Meanwhile she has some time to help me. Which is very nice and happy for me.

Today I filmed the hummingbird and it turned out really well, will be ready for youtube next week. This watercolor white lilies is one of my favorite ,I love drawing the turning leaves and get the composition together. And I hope everyone likes white flowers. It is a little complicated and big painting to follow along, and I hope it will do well. I also like how little really we have to paint, but trying to do a little background to bring out the painting, I hope I do it justices.

The following are the color of choices. For the flowers and leaves, mainly my green mixture which are Indigo, Perylene Green, Sap green and cadm yellow light. With a little bit of Payne’s gray for the shadow, the middle stamen is burnt umber and quin burnt orange, and the rest of the stamen also is the same, just reverse the amount . That is all for that, so easy this one.

Ok for the rest of the post, let’s just talk about the paint brushes. Did you guys have a chance to go look at the happy dot? I ordered the new one and it is just the same high quality, not very sure what the mix of hair the Chinese brush maker put into them, but it seemed very soft and hold just a good amount of water. And the point of the brush comes to a point so easily. So a good brush to have in your collection. Today I dig out a big brush called big white cloud, so I used that on the hummingbird painting and it holds a lot of water. However not as smooth for painting, and the brush hair does not bounch back. I know no matter what my review is, you may want to go search big white cloud, it is not that important , there are lots of other nice brush that can do background very well. And at the end of the hummingbird painting I did a little bit of a splash, I like that a lot. I hope when it is uploaded you will have a fun time looking for the splashing at the end.

Hope all is well with you and your family, wish you guys and very happy spring time and hope you will go out and find some flowers or tree flowers or snail or mushroom to paint. The Iris is coming up, I am so excited. Lots of fun things we can paint together, hope you come back often and keep your brushes wet. Thank you. See you soon.

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