Watercolor bird of paradise paint along demo tutorial

Hello my friends, I am very grateful to those of you that actually read this, so I really have no place to actually tell people where I am, but I am here with my lovely grand baby, V, she’s daughter of my partner and daughter Rachel. Wow when baby comes home it’s like a whirlwind, I have not been able to film even though a painting is in plan. So I just want everyone to know that I need to help my children and I will post again asap. But meanwhile I am sitting next to my love, v, so she can sleep and I can also let my children take a long nap. So much to blog about but typing on my tablet is very hard. I will redo this post when I get back to my home.
colors used, for the flower quin violet magenta, cadm yellow medium, cadm red med, dioxizine purple royal blue. Background is my green mix, prylene green indigo sap green and cadm green light.

ok have fun see you soon.

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6 thoughts on “Watercolor bird of paradise paint along demo tutorial

  1. kathy I enjoyed watching y0ur video , I am wondering how I can copy the rough drawing . I tried to copy and paste unsucessfully

    1. Hi Charlene, I am glad you enjoyed the video. You could try right clicking on the image and opening it in a new tab, then printing that page. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Cheryl I do not wet my paper first or much at all. Thats the way I learn my watercolor skill. And yes I used very sharp pointed brush so that I can achieve the spike or any tight spot.Did you try wetting your paper and did that turn out well?

      1. Thank you. Just starting….will let you know. I am just learning so not sure if i will wet paper or not.

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