Visions of sugarplums part 2 the candies and dream atmosphere

Sleeping Bear Watercolor Visions of Sugarplums

Hello, the second half of the video is here. Even though I know it’s a long one but I myself enjoyed every minute of it and I hope you will too. The candies and cookies are relatively smaller in sizes, so I switch to smaller brushes. Colors used in this part 2 are Cadm Yellow light, Cadm red medium ( I love the orange undertone to it), Pyrlene maroon for darker red area. Magenta for the cupcake paper, and my standard mix of greens which is Pyrlene Green, sap green, indigo and Cadm Yellow light. Payne’s gray for some of the shadow area. Lots of practice on the highlight and forms, good to practice in smaller things too. Easier to manage and get used to thinking about forms and shapes and shadows. As with the dream atmosphere, we used all the color that we used in the candies and I added Ultramarine blue, I really like that color for atmosphere, especially wintry and dark. Since this bear I assume is hibernating, then it must be wintry season. My husband and I went to Yellowstone National Park at the beginning of November right before it closed. One day we saw a big grisly eating a lot getting ready for his long winter nap. When I got home this painting was taking place in my head and so finally today in December it’s ready to be published. The little drops of candies I will just called them sugar drops, that was just there for fun and varieties in sizes. I very much like that additions. If you come across this painting, I hope you will look around the blog and find part 1 of the sleeping bear. That one was also full of useful tips and information. I tried to do my best in painting the bear, so that was a little over an hour long, as I always pointed out, don’t have to do everything in one shot, take your time, pause, listen to what I said again and take your own pace to finish the practice. With time and painting along with me, your skills will definitely improve, and things will come easier and easier and you will also be faster. I go back and forth between explanation and chatting, I enjoyed it and I hope you do too. Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear what you think and just say hi so we can be friends.

A word of information, for some reason when I was editing on Youtube, they only allowed me to use 360p as my resolutions. But I realized when you click on it now, it is showing as 720p, and my daughter actually was able to watch at a even higher resolution. If you are using wifi I guess it doesn’t matter how high a resolution you want to view it. Of course with watercolor or art it will always be nice with high res, but I just want to inform you if you somehow are not happy with resolutions, click on the lower right hand corner icon that looks like a gear and you can increase your res as you wish. So I am determined to not have to worry about it anymore during my editing. I do all of them myself on iMovie, because I wanted to be self sufficient and such, and not bother my daughter too much, as she is still in college. I am not a very tech saavy person, so I worried about a lot of things, now I am very happy to know the quality is quite high. But I hope you also like the quality of instruction, I do my very best to explain almost every step what I am trying to accomplish, and I hope it is very helpful to you.

Today is December 11 2021, time is just flying so fast. I went out to look for presents for my youngest granddaughter and I don’t feel like I did a very good job. She is about 1.5 years old, shouldn’t be too hard. I always like to give bath toys because it made them happy and in turn their parents happy. But this little one is already into baths and just love going to take a bath. Kids nowadays have so many things, I know every older person said that. I didn’t have a lot of things, toys especially when I was young. I lived in Hong Kong and my parents were not in any way prosperous, we have to worry about food many many times. But I always loved it when the local Catholic Church do carnivals with the children in my neighborhood, and getting pencils were one of my favorite thing. And having papers were also hard, but we managed to have something. So that was maybe one of the reason I begin to draw to entertain myself. I begin to observe everything around me and start drawing them, flowers are one of my favorite subject. Hong Kong being a tropical area we have a lot of flowers, and very big ones too. After a while I was not afraid of drawing flowers anymore. And my second brother was also my model for many occasions. That was very fun. I am grateful for those times, and open up my world to something great and fun. When I finally pick up a paint brush to do Chinese calligraphy, I knew that was something special to me. I spent a lot of time doing chinese calligraphy and characters, because it was so interesting to me, and in later years when I finally use brushes to paint, it was more joy than I could express. That’s just a little history on my humble beginning. I talked about my learning a lot in my video, you can tell me about yours too, I would love to hear what obstacles you have to overcome, how you turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

The next painting that is come up as video paint along will be a Persian doll cat. It is my sister’s cat, she is older and a lot of funny stories. I hope you will come back for trying that too. I know a lot of people really like cats, with painting cats, it will help you with animals and of course lot of tips too. I am hoping to do a paint along on sheep, so that will be what I will be focusing on the next couple of days. It’s a very fun animal to paint during the Christmas season. Ok thank you for coming, please come often so I can see the traffic coming to my blog increases, that is a good motivation to me.


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  1. I absolutely loved this tutorial! By chance did you sell the original already? You have such a great website and tutorials, much gratitude!!

    1. Hi Moreno, thank you for your kind words! I can only sell print copies for this one! And I not have the image of the bear with the candies, not just the sleepy bear! If your interest let me know I can order giclee which is very nice copy! Thank you!

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