Trouble shooting and watercolor techniques, adding depth by adding colors, color mixing on paper and many more techniques. This is worth watching it explains a lot about watercolor.

Hello all of my friends here visiting my blog. I hope you all had a very good valentine’s day. I had a quiet one, we went out to eat day after, just didn’t want to brave the crowd. My daughter actually went and brave the crowd, and went to this super popular Thai food restaurant. We love thai food, she went on her mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints to Malaysia, and learned a lot of Asian food. She ran a blog until mine got busy and so does her school so she is temporarily helping me and this is her last semester of college, then she will have time to help herself. She and her husband are super cool with computer, and I am learning so much. Recently I learned a lot about cloud storage, you know I refused to subscribe to icloud, it’s too much money for me. So my son (in law, but hereby we call her my son), decided to get a server and run his own icloud. He did a very good job and now my video went straight after filming and upload to his cloud storage right away. Well I think storing in on Youtube is about as good as it gets, but you know one cannot be more careful. Anyway we were talking about food, do you guys love food. I love almost all food, and is willing to learn all food. I think I may not know much about Europeon food, but Italian is still one of the favorite. During the pass 2 years we learned a lot of Asian food, figured out pad thai and that was nice, Pad Kee Mow is also one of the favorite. I learned Singapore rice noodle very well, however got a rash when I eat that nowadays, too spicy I assumed. But my husband has high hope that I will get over the rash soon, I sure hope he is right. Let’s talk about food sometimes in our video, I think that will be fun. Maybe when my daughter is more free I will be guest video maker on her blog and make some of my favorite food and you guys can go to watch food. It sounds like a very good plan to me. Art, food is a good combination.

Ok, so I have received some very lovely email from you guys, and I can’t tell you enough how much I love them. And the comments too. So I decided to take a little time to do a watercolor basics, so some of them are not so basic. And maybe explain them a little more clear about some of my methods of watercolor and what some other artists are doing. There is no really right or wrong, more like if something we do if give us the results we want. So i had fun in this video talking about color mixing on the paper, putting opposite color spectrum togther in a space. Flat washes. And many other tips. And also mixing color on a palette, I showed you two of my favorite combination, my green mix, and you can see how I utilize them, and also my quin burnt orange mix. Oh the color name I couldn’t remember, it was Daniel smiths transparent red oxide. There is also an transparent brown oxide that I used sometimes too. But if you don’t have these color, try a brown color mix with orange and see if that works, and then you can try adding a little red in there like I showed you in the video. And how I have a permanent Cadm yellow next to quin Burnt orange for pretty fall color. That is usually how I do my color, I have a bigger ceramic palette that holds a green leaves corner, a corner I have reds and pink but that is hard, but magenta is a favorite. A Sepia and yellow ochre corner, and a brown corner next to the dark Payne’s gray corner. All these reside on my palette for long time until I clean them out, then I put in fresh color and go on again with same combo. I hope you will take the time to watch through this, it will really help during our paint along cause I tend to go a little faster there.

Hey and I also like it if you have question to email me ok, I will try my best to look at your trouble and see if I can decipher it and help out. If I can I may do a short video to respond to your inquiry, don’t worry I really love to help. I probably won’t say anything if I see problems, because I don’t like to suggest to people about what I see seems ought, but if you ask, then I can have permission to give you my two cents. So I hope that can be helpful to you. You can try if you like, but like always, don’t feel pressured. Thank you for stopping by again, I will see you guys very soon.

love, Kathy

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2 thoughts on “Trouble shooting and watercolor techniques, adding depth by adding colors, color mixing on paper and many more techniques. This is worth watching it explains a lot about watercolor.

  1. Thank you finally some help you have given me and see why my colors are muddy and how to correct!! I have learned more in this hour than all year! I see now my paint is way to watery…and I have been wasting so much paint cleaning .
    Can’t thank you enough for your generous time. I will start practicing this-right away.
    Many blessings to you

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