Christmas sheep watercolor painting. Focus on lines and form

Hello everyone, today is December 22 and is getting so close to Christmas. It is a very good thing that I enjoyed painting, if this is a task to me I don’t think I will be painting even during the holiday time. But to me, part of the celebration of Christmas is the paintings. I painted bears and cats, candies sugar plum, poinsettias all those good stuff. I had a lot of fun. This one is actually an old design of mine that I did maybe five to 10 years back. But I got an order this year for this prints, so I decided to paint it again, see if I learned and grew through those years. I like this and I think I have progressed in my skill. I noticed recent years, I rarely get flustered by watercolor or drawing anymore. I managed to keep calm, myself being a very anxious and nervous person. But when I paint I manage to keep calm and when I made mistakes I just fix it. If I can’t I would just leave it. But of course I have not made a very big mistakes lately, but I really have to think about what contribute a big mistake to me.

I have been thinking if my oldest daughter Elissa even come to my blog. She is busy with her writing career, I sure hope she does. But I know my teacher and her son Wade came to watch my videos, she found it enjoyable and fun. Makes her happy. I was watching the full videos last night and I have to say if you are someone who loves art and really enjoy learning arts, watching my videos should seem fun to you. I guess then that group us in a special group of people. Like minded I supposed.

Ok so let me just briefly talked about the painting. It’s a very neutral one, in the video I kept calling my sepia paint sepia ink, it is just actually sepia watercolor paint. There is a big difference and I apologize for that. All I use in this painting are watercolor paints, I did not use any ink in this painting. I want you to know it is very hard for me to think about painting, techniques, what to look out for, skills, communicating in English best I can, and then vocabularies. So sometimes I say the wrong words, but if you really have questions feel free to ask me. Also I say the words you know way too much at the end, I think I was trying to hurry along and that is bad, so I will try my best to not do so many, not over 500 you know maybe.

The watercolor paint I used are Sepia, Payne’s gray, Indigo, Blue purple. I think that is it. The paint brush I used is my own trusted Chinese small dots, Princenton Aqua size 0 and Rosemary and Co size 8 Kolinsky. Arches watercolor paper size 7 by 7 give or take. As I explained in the video, do your own size and match the brush with it. If you think your brush is covering too small an area and the paint dried before you have time to continue, then go up in size. Try a few time. I am hard on brushes and as I practiced so many years, I might have overcame some of my own weaknesses that I don’t noticed. I hope you find your happy place too, I have seen very famous painters use tiny little brushes so it is what works for each of us. That is the fun part, try to find your happy place. Meanwhile you can ask me questions. And I will hopefully not too far distance have some fun video on the material I use. I can even try papers, different paints, different brushes. But for now I would like to push more paint a long tutorial out there, because this blog is new, I am not new, so I need to have more content here to attract more viewers. But we don’t worry cause the possibilities is very limitless, we can have a long of fun. Imagine how many paint a long can we do right?

And about the video quality, be sure to try to up the quality when you are painting along or viewing. The videos are long and so youtube are not too happy with transferring with high quality, but you can do it yourself. And I hope you can see well too, if not you can also try ways to make it comfortable for you.

I am very grateful for this time of the year, for the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, grateful for all of you too. Grateful we can do this together and all the things that are available for us. I hope to someone able to communicate with you and be friends, thank you for those of you who have reached out to me. I am going to finish this post, and I will post a drawing down here in a few days. So you can trace it if you like, I understand you may need that. In the future lets try some drawing drills and practices too. Have a wonderful Christmas and may you be happy and at peace this coming year.


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